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How Does A Biometric Time Clock Work?

How Does A Biometric Time Clock Work?

A Biometric Time Clock Has Profound Benefits Deciding which time and attendance system might seem tricky. With recent technological advancements, the days of punching in time cards is soon to end. A new way businesses are now tracking time is through using biometric technology. How does biometric technology affect time and attendance? Biometric time clocks. […]

Biometric Fingerprint Time and Attend...

Biometric Fingerprint Time and Attendance

Always Know Who Is Really At Work One would think that adults could manage themselves and their time at work honestly and ethically, but some people still have trouble with this. It is not a given to everyone that they should only report the hours that they are actually at work on their time clock. […]

Biometric Time Recording and Time Sta...

Biometric Time Recording and Time Stamps for Employees

Stop Time Theft By Using Biometric Time Recording Time theft is one of the easiest forms of employee thefts to commit. It often goes unnoticed and is difficult to track. By getting a handle on these common issues, your business stands to save thousands in a calendar year. Focusing on this issue alone can be […]

The Biometric Time Clock That Never S...

The Biometric Time Clock That Never Stops Ticking!

Why Is A Biometric Time Clock So Important Time and attendance is vital to every and all operations. Whether you have 3 employees or 3 dozen, being able to accurately record their time is essential. For starters, you have to pay them. No one works for free. Also, you have to stay in business and […]

Biometrics Are The Key to Success to ...

Biometrics Are The Key to Success to Stop Time Theft

Biometrics Are the Key to Successful Elimination of Time Theft “How do I keep employees from stealing time?” you’ve probably thought at least a few times if you own a business or are a manager. It’s frustrating. It’s also very difficult to completely control. But what if there were a way to completely eliminate it […]

Small Business Owners Agree Biometric...

Small Business Owners Agree Biometric Technology is The Key to Success

Biometric Technology Explained Each and every business has their own way of doing things. For every service offered, or product sold, small business owners put in place procedure for their process. Biometric technology is for in-house operations. No matter the industry or niche, every business has to pay employees for their time. This is where […]

The Influx of Companies Switching to ...

The Influx of Companies Switching to Biometrics Is for Good Reason

Biometrics Is Advanced Business Technology Biometrics have completely transformed most American businesses. From fingerprint identification to access control most business have found multiple ways to use this new technology. Biometrics are found in just about every iPhone and Android device in the country. Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Android Pay all use fingerprint and face […]

Save The Earth and Save More Green! B...

Save The Earth and Save More Green! Biometrics is Pure Savings

The Future of Biometrics has Arrived with MinuteHound MinuteHound has introduced a new biometrics attendance clock in system that is designed to do it all! Since the start, businesses around the country have changed the way they deal with employee time records. The old fashion methods of clocking in are over, making room for today’s […]

Who Benefits The Most From A Biometri...

Who Benefits The Most From A Biometric Time Clock?

What Does A Biometric Time Clock Do? Are you looking to save money on your payroll? Are employees abusing your payroll over and over with time theft? Luckily, MinuteHound has an effective solution! MinuteHound is a company making clocking in and out of work very easy. State of the art technology combined with a biometric […]

New Biometric Technology That Tracks ...

New Biometric Technology That Tracks Time and Attendance | Lowers Costs

How To Save Time and Money In The Workplace If you are looking to make your workplace more efficient, it is very important that you do your best to incorporate practices that are useful. When you take control of your time, you give yourself a better opportunity to save money, increase employee productivity and increase […]