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Is There A Way To Stop Employees From...

Is There A Way To Stop Employees From Stealing Time?

Stop Stealing Time Across the nation there are employees stealing time from their employers. They are stealing time by punching in and out for other employees and stealing time by coming in late or leaving early. What may seem like a few minutes here and a few minutes there to an employee is not innocent… […]

How a Time Clock Could Lower Costs of...

How a Time Clock Could Lower Costs of A Resort Hotel

Making A Resort Hotel More Affordable Is Easier Than You Think A resort hotel is a unique destination that so many of us would like to have the opportunity to visit at some point. They are specifically designed with the customer experience in mind. They are happy places where people can relax and enjoy themselves […]

MinuteHound Is The Most Efficient Tim...

MinuteHound Is The Most Efficient Time Clock Voted By

MinuteHound: The Most Efficient Time Clock For Your Business Do you need a time clock for your company? Forget about old-fashioned clocks with paper slips to keep track of (and possibly lose.) MinuteHound is the most efficient time clock you could ask for. This high-tech, computerized time clock replacement will bring your company’s time accounting […]

Time Clock FAQ- Technology Explained ...

Time Clock FAQ- Technology Explained in Detail

The MinuteHound Time Clock – Your Most Pressing Questions Answered The MinuteHound biometric time and attendance system is the ultimate solution to time theft and inefficient timekeeping. The goal of this unique system is to give companies a simple solution that is both cost-effective and easy to implement. Here are some of the most frequently […]

Biometric Time Recorder | Save Time a...

Biometric Time Recorder | Save Time and Spend Less

MinuteHound’s Biometric Time Recorder Is your company in financial straits and trying to figure out how to save money? MinuteHound can help your company avoid a huge chunk of its yearly money loss. MinuteHound is a biometric time recorder that scans the employee fingerprint, inputs it onto the cloud, thus allowing managers to view their […]

Top Biometric Time Clock Review

Top Biometric Time Clock Review

MinuteHound Receives the Best Biometric Time Clock Review for Your Business When your business is looking for a new way to measure employee time and attendance, you should be looking at a biometric time clock review. There’s one great biometric fingerprint-based time clock system that is sure to meet your business’s needs: MinuteHound. The MinuteHound […]

PC Biometric Fingerprint Time Attenda...

PC Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance Software

Optimizing Your Business with Biometrics Optimizing your business means reducing operation expenses. Improving processes helps your business earn more money. Timekeeping is one area in many companies that needs a reboot. It’s a source of waste. A biometric fingerprint time attendance system can bring real benefits. It can reduce the waste. A Modern Attendance System […]

5 Business Highlights of A Fingerprin...

5 Business Highlights of A Fingerprint Time Clock System

5 Mobile Uses of a Fingerprint Time Clock System A fingerprint time clock system doesn’t merely keep your employees honest about pay. These biometric devices can be very helpful in a variety of ways. Great mobility is only one of the facets to this technology. For companies that have external practices, the fingerprint time clock […]

Business Matrix Solved! Fingerprint T...

Business Matrix Solved! Fingerprint Timeclock Technology

Time is on Your Side As a successful entrepreneur, you might be asking yourself, “why do I need to switch from my current attendance tracking software when mechanical time clocks are working just fine?” With the exception of a few minor malfunctions here and there, you may also be of the opinion that there’s really […]

Improve Business Standing with Finger...

Improve Business Standing with Fingerprint Attendance

Crush Time Theft in Its Tracks If you are like most business owners, you are looking to eliminate time theft in the workplace. Time theft costs businesses thousands of dollars each year, and why should you pay for hours that your employees were not on the clock? The problem with the obsolete time card is […]