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Time Clock Lock – Employees Can...

Time Clock Lock – Employees Can Only Use During Designated Times

What is the Time Clock Lock? So many companies have the same problem: Employees show up to work and clock in before they are supposed to. These 5 – 15 minutes on the front and back end of each shift adds up to a substantial amount come payroll. Employers need the ability to impose a […]

How To Stop Friends at Work from Padd...

How To Stop Friends at Work from Padding Hours and Covering For Each Other

Friends Padding Hours for Friends Put a stop to co-workers clocking out for one another or padding hours in timesheets by installing MinuteHound. MinuteHound uses biometric fingerprint technology. This technology makes sure that the only one who can punch out for an employee is that employee. Resolving the Padding Hours Delimma Every fingerprint is unique. […]

How To Stop Employees From Padding Th...

How To Stop Employees From Padding Their Hours

What is Buddy Punching? Meet Jane. Jane is a valued employee. She knows her job and seems very honest. Today, Jane has an appointment at 4:45, but is scheduled to work until 5:00. She has tried to do the right thing and reschedule the appointment. Rescheduling would mean waiting another month. Jane is not very […]