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Who Benefits The Most From A Biometri...

Who Benefits The Most From A Biometric Time Clock?

What Does A Biometric Time Clock Do? Are you looking to save money on your payroll? Are employees abusing your payroll over and over with time theft? Luckily, MinuteHound has an effective solution! MinuteHound is a company making clocking in and out of work very easy. State of the art technology combined with a biometric […]

The Technology To Put an End to Time ...

The Technology To Put an End to Time Fraud

center> The MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Clock Have you taken a close look at your payroll expenses lately? Recent studies have indicated that businesses spend well over $1.4 billion on payroll processing. While some of these expenses are due to inefficient timekeeping, much of the extra expense is the result of what’s known in the workplace […]

Stop Time Fraud. Stop Time Theft. Sav...

Stop Time Fraud. Stop Time Theft. Save More Every Pay Period

Are Your Employees Stealing Time from You? Whether you have a small or large company, chances are your employees are committing time fraud. Time fraud typically happens when a system is in place that allows it, such as paper time sheets or punch/swipe cards. Even an updated system that allows employees to login to record […]

Employee Time Tracking – Accura...

Employee Time Tracking – Accurate Payroll All Year

How Can MinuteHound’s Employee Time Tracking System Help Me? For many years, efficient employee time tracking has been a problem with companies. Either time cards would get lost or stolen, the time clocks themselves would malfunction or employees would game the system by punching in a few minutes early or by having a buddy punch […]

Employee Time Tracking Made Simple

Employee Time Tracking Made Simple

Staff Time Tracking the Way it Should Be! So many business owners and decision makers put so much time into growing their business, that managing their current levels takes a backseat. Whether it be pens and paper, useless swipe cards, or pins and passwords, these outdated techniques are just that: expired. Time tracking should be […]

Fingerprint Time Clocks | Kill Time T...

Fingerprint Time Clocks | Kill Time Theft | Easy Payroll

A Dollar Saved is a Dollar Earned! Managing workforce attendance has become a full-time job. It has gone from a simplistic head count to a host of other responsibilities including: Schedule changes. Overtime management. Project management. With all of these added responsibilities, business owners need more than a traditional time clock for attendance verification. Fingerprint […]

Time Attendance System- The True Solu...

Time Attendance System- The True Solution To Solve Payroll Fraud

Biometric Time Attendance System- Foolproof Technology For Business While most businesses these days are already equipped with a time attendance system, the fact of the matter is that there are still some companies out there who do not see the value in such devices. A time attendance system can actually mean the difference between overpaying […]

Time Theft at Work

Time Theft at Work

Time Theft at Work: What is the Problem Exactly? Time theft at work comes in many forms. One of the most common ways time theft at work occurs, is when one employee clocks in another “buddy”. Most-times referred to as buddy punching. Here is a classic example of time theft at work. Example of Time Theft at Work Johnny […]

Time Theft in The Workplace

Time Theft Workplace

Time Theft is in Every Workplace Time theft is a very serious issue and it is in every workplace. The American Payroll Association has calculated. That between two and eight percent of total payroll is Time Theft. To calculate how much your business is losing and could potential be saving visit this calculator page. What […]