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How To Improve Office Efficiency with...

How To Improve Office Efficiency with Time and Attendance Technology

Smooth Running with MinuteHound MinuteHound has brought the future into offices with their time and attendance technology. Clocking in and out is easier than ever before. Managers across the country are embracing this new system because it saves companies time and money. Office managers normally spend countless hours each month on payroll and accounts. MinuteHound […]

The Time Clock To Outlast Them All

The Time Clock To Outlast Them All

Does A Time Clock Make A Difference in The Workplace? Yes it does! Having a functional time clock can save a company thousands of dollars every year, and for large companies, millions of dollars. Paper time sheets or any type of time and attendance system that only tracks time based on an employee’s honestly no […]

Biometric Time Recording for The Mass...

Biometric Time Recording for The Masses!

The Future is Now and it’s Name is Biometric Time Recording Biometric time recording may sound futuristic, but it operates in today’s world with the security, accuracy, and confidence that the old time clocks and sign-in sheets are woefully incapable of producing. The MinuteHound™ solution works for businesses of all sizes. The plug-and-play technology makes […]

Small Biometric Time Attendance Devic...

Small Biometric Time Attendance Device- Scanner

Why Your Business Should Have a Biometric Time Attendance Device In business, time is money, so employers want to keep records of their employees’ working hours that are as accurate as possible. Whereas traditional time clock systems leave room for time theft and misreporting, a biometric time attendance device like MinuteHound can help employers keep […]

Desktop Time Clock | PC Software | US...

Desktop Time Clock | PC Software | USB Plug and Play

Your Desktop Time Clock Solution When you are paying multiple employees low hourly wages, time is money- and trusting your employees with that time just isn’t feasible. The MinuteHound desktop time clock system is the solution to all of your time management needs. With MinuteHound, your time and attendance records are obtained securely with fingerprint […]

Electronic Attendance System | Busine...

Electronic Attendance System | Business Tools and Payroll Help

How An Electronic Attendance System Could Save Your Business Time And Money An electronic attendance system could be the best thing you do for your company. MinuteHound’s system will save you money, time, and give you the peace of mind of a truly secure system. An electronic attendance system typically costs much less than your […]

Time Attendance Punching Machine- Fla...

Time Attendance Punching Machine- Flawless and Easy to Use System

The Attendance Punching Machine That Pays For Itself Wouldn’t it be nice to invest in something and you saw an immediate return on that investment? Well, today could be that day! No gimmicks either, just proven reliable technology. An attendance punching machine assists business owners and managers with their daily responsibilities of managing staff and […]

Time Clock- USB Plug and Play- Lifeti...

Time Clock- USB Plug and Play- Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

A Revolution in Payroll Technology Employers have long struggled with the difficulties of remotely tracking employee work and attendance. While the invention of time clock technology greatly increased the efficiency of remote supervision and payroll management, problems in the form of payroll errors and abuse seemed unsolvable. Now, for the first time in history, there […]

Cloud Based Time Tracking | Employee ...

Cloud Based Time Tracking | Employee Time & Attendance | Online | Web

Improving Your Bottom Line With Cloud Based Time Tracking Recent economic trends make it even more important to keep unnecessary costs down. $148 billion dollars are lost annually due to timekeeping errors, according to the American Payroll Association. Cloud based time tracking is a good way to trim costs. Here is how the statistics break […]

Electronic Time Clock- Web Based | Pu...

Electronic Time Clock- Web Based | Punch Timeclocks | Fingerprint

An Electronic Time Clock To Fit Unique Needs Every business is one of a kind, with unique needs to fill. Even most franchises are run independently, giving it that personal touch. The feature that makes all organizations, small or large, the same is employees. Everyone works to be paid, and business owners need to ensure […]