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Why A Time Clock Is The Most Importan...

Why A Time Clock Is The Most Important Investment A Business Owner Can Make

Spend Money On A Time Clock? That is exactly what you should do! Typically in every business labor and employee related costs are the highest of any budget. People don’t usually work for free. They want to be paid! That is why having a time clock is so important. Employees will buddy punch for each […]

Are Biometrics The Best Time Clock Pr...

Are Biometrics The Best Time Clock Product On The Market?

The Best Biometric Time Clock On The Market Every business owner knows how important employee time really is. He or she can probably outline for you in real numbers what it costs them when employees are not respectful of their time clock product. They know that sometimes employees take advantage of an outdated time clock […]

Employee and Staff Time Clock for Any...

Employee and Staff Time Clock for Any Business Setting

Employee Time Clock is Unique and Easy Imagine how beneficial it would be for employees to be able to record their work time by not having to remember passwords or use cards or pin codes. The MinuteHound™ Time Clock is available where workers can just place their finger on a scanner. Fingerprints are never kept […]

Fingerprint Time Clock for Tracking S...

Fingerprint Time Clock for Tracking Staff Time and Attendance

How do You Currently Record Time and Attendance? Every day businesses much like yours invest a lot of time and money on their payroll expenses. Most associates expect fair pay for an honest days work. Unfortunately, dishonest associates find ways around the payroll system. They find ways to abuse your time clock. You can eliminate […]

Why A Biometric Time Clock is MUST H...

Why A Biometric Time Clock is  MUST HAVE for All Staffing Agencies

Each and Every Staffing Agency Needs a Modern Day Time Clock New technology is great, but only if you can harness the technology to your advantage. What good is having and paying for something that you do not know how to use and pay too much money for. That is why MinuteHound made modern day […]

Time To Fire Your Employee Time Clock...

Time To Fire Your Employee Time Clock!

An Efficient Employee Time Clock Is your current payroll system working for you or are you working for it? The employee time clock was invented back in 1888, by Willard Bundy, a jeweler in Auburn, New York. The employee time clock has been in use for over a hundred years. Today, there’s a better way: […]

The No-Stress Time Clock that Saves Y...

The No-Stress Time Clock that Saves You Money

Spend Less. Waste Less. Time Clock Helps and Assists Are you looking for ways to save money on payroll and reduce fraud? Would you like to spend less time managing employee time cards and calculating wages? MinuteHound’s unique time clock system prevents fraud without compromising employee privacy. The system uses a biometric time clock which […]

Biometric Time Clock – Reduce E...

Biometric Time Clock – Reduce Expenses and Stop Time Theft

Why Use a Biometric Time Clock Using a biometric time clock should be common sense to most. It lowers costs, controls out of control spending, holds employees accountable, and so much more. All for just $1.00 per month. MinuteHound’s biometric time clock is not only tracking the time of the employees worked, it also verifies […]

How to Control Your Work Hours and St...

How to Control Your Work Hours and Still Grow Your Business

Being a full-time employee and an aspiring entrepreneur all at the same time may be hard, but it is the only way to achieve financial freedom and work flexibility in the future. Focusing on the business alone is great, but since some of us don’t have the luxury of financial security, juggling the two is […]

Best Time Clock For Small Business

Best Time Clock For Small Business

Small Business Can Save Money With Time Clock Large businesses have been able to afford any type of time clock that they prefer, but a small business has to keep a closer eye on its budget. MinuteHound’s patented time and attendance solution requires no time cards or inventory. That makes this unique biometric fingerprint technology […]