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Biometric Time Clock – Reduce E...

Biometric Time Clock – Reduce Expenses and Stop Time Theft

Why Use a Biometric Time Clock Using a biometric time clock should be common sense to most. It lowers costs, controls out of control spending, holds employees accountable, and so much more. All for just $1.00 per month. MinuteHound’s biometric time clock is not only tracking the time of the employees worked, it also verifies […]

How to Control Your Work Hours and St...

How to Control Your Work Hours and Still Grow Your Business

Being a full-time employee and an aspiring entrepreneur all at the same time may be hard, but it is the only way to achieve financial freedom and work flexibility in the future. Focusing on the business alone is great, but since some of us don’t have the luxury of financial security, juggling the two is […]

Best Time Clock For Small Business

Best Time Clock For Small Business

Small Business Can Save Money With Time Clock Large businesses have been able to afford any type of time clock that they prefer, but a small business has to keep a closer eye on its budget. MinuteHound’s patented time and attendance solution requires no time cards or inventory. That makes this unique biometric fingerprint technology […]

Effective Use of an Office Time Clock

Effective Use of an Office Time Clock

A Time Clock That Anyone Can Be Trained To Use Any human resources professional will tell you that training new people is one of the most expensive and time consuming processes that companies have to deal with. A brand new person who is learning all of the processes that a company has in operation at […]

Invest In Your Business. The Business...

Invest In Your Business. The Business Time Clock Designed for Savings

MinuteHound Saves Your Company Money! Running a business is hard work. MinuteHound makes it easier with their business time clock. Their goal is to help simplify clocking in procedures. This system saves companies time and money. Biometric Fingerprint Technology Biometrics is based on an automated technology program that recognizes a person through their fingerprint. This […]

How a Time Clock Could Lower Costs of...

How a Time Clock Could Lower Costs of A Resort Hotel

Making A Resort Hotel More Affordable Is Easier Than You Think A resort hotel is a unique destination that so many of us would like to have the opportunity to visit at some point. They are specifically designed with the customer experience in mind. They are happy places where people can relax and enjoy themselves […]

What Is The Best Time Clock? Your Bot...

What Is The Best Time Clock? Your Bottomline Deserves the Answer!

The Best Time Clock On The Market Most company owners would agree with the idea that they want the very best time clock that money can afford. Why would they care so deeply about something like this? Simply because time theft is a very real problem in the business world. Small businesses in particular can […]

What Is The Best Time Clock?

What Is The Best Time Clock?

MinuteHound! World’s Best Time Clock An employee time clock is normally used to track hours and calculate pay. The first time clock was a design that only checked employee’s times. MinuteHound has changed the way businesses operate with their system that takes the time clock to a whole new level. MinuteHound knows that one of […]

Why Choose MinuteHound?

Why Choose MinuteHound?

MinuteHound Time Clock Makes Your Job Easy When considering time clock software for your business, you may be looking for an innovative system that saves time and money. The MinuteHound biometric time and attendance system can be a great choice for you and your business. With MinuteHound, you can address concerns about time theft and […]

Why Is The Best Time Clock Ranked So ...

Why Is The Best Time Clock Ranked So High?

Minutehound Time Clock System is Safe and Economical A business owner or manager faces multiple problems each day. An easy, intuitive time clock can streamline your office. It is worth your time to find the best time clock available. Minutehound time and attendance software is a simple yet ingenious solution to typical office problems. The […]