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What Is The Top Time Clock and Why? F...

What Is The Top Time Clock and Why? Find Out Here!

MinuteHound: Top Time Clock for Your Office When you’re trying to find the top time clock for your office or business, there are a number of choices available. However, there’s a particularly exciting option with cutting-edge, reliable technology: MinuteHound. MinuteHound is easy to use and a highly advanced system that can bring new ease and […]

The MinuteHound Time Clock Is the Gol...

The MinuteHound Time Clock Is the Gold Standard for Business

What Is The MinuteHound Time Clock Program MinuteHound Time Clock software provides an efficient, cost-effective time and attendance management solution. The system employs a biometric fingerprint scanner which surpasses the performance of digital models, manual time cards and swipe cards. The Time Clock does not require a dedicated computer. It simply operates quietly in the […]

A Simple Time Clock That Solves All T...

A Simple Time Clock That Solves All Time and Attendance Problems

You Never Again Have To Question The Time Clock Usage Of Your Employees It is believed that most people are good and honest. They wouldn’t do something that is truly terrible we like to believe. However, it may be in the small acts of cheating that they feel that they are not truly doing anything […]

Timeclock Technology: An Affordable W...

Timeclock Technology: An Affordable Way to Prevent Fraud and Manage Staffing Needs

Timeclock Technology: An Explanation MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock is an efficient and affordable way to prevent fraud and manage staffing needs. Timeclock technology provides accurate payroll reporting in real time using cloud based software. Management can easily adjust staffing needs by using automatically generated reports. Discover more about the advantages of MinuteHound’s time clock system […]

Time Clock FAQ- Technology Explained ...

Time Clock FAQ- Technology Explained in Detail

The MinuteHound Time Clock – Your Most Pressing Questions Answered The MinuteHound biometric time and attendance system is the ultimate solution to time theft and inefficient timekeeping. The goal of this unique system is to give companies a simple solution that is both cost-effective and easy to implement. Here are some of the most frequently […]

What Does a Fingerprint Time Clock Do...

What Does a Fingerprint Time Clock Do for Business?

How Does it Work? The fingerprint time clock from MinuteHound is a true benefit for any organization. Employees can no longer cheat or steal time. One of the most costly expense for any company is that of labor. Using a fingerprint time clock will eliminate the need for extra HR or managers in order to […]

The Savings Solutions: Time Clock Sof...

The Savings Solutions: Time Clock Software for Business

How Time Clock Software Saves a Business Money Business owners know the importance of making their money last. The savviest of business owners track all sorts of reports concerning their business. One of the ways that a business can track expenses is monitor how employees clock into work. It would seem as if it would […]

The Technology To Put an End to Time ...

The Technology To Put an End to Time Fraud

center> The MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Clock Have you taken a close look at your payroll expenses lately? Recent studies have indicated that businesses spend well over $1.4 billion on payroll processing. While some of these expenses are due to inefficient timekeeping, much of the extra expense is the result of what’s known in the workplace […]

The Time Clock To Outlast Them All

The Time Clock To Outlast Them All

Does A Time Clock Make A Difference in The Workplace? Yes it does! Having a functional time clock can save a company thousands of dollars every year, and for large companies, millions of dollars. Paper time sheets or any type of time and attendance system that only tracks time based on an employee’s honestly no […]

Time Clock for Employees that Uses Fi...

Time Clock for Employees that Uses Fingerprints to Clock In

MinuteHound’s Time Clock Works in Any Environment Each and every business is unique. Even within the same niche and industry, business owners direct and lead in various styles with dissimilar goals. However, the one common thread of every business is that employees need to be paid. Some employees work inside, while work outside. Either way, […]