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Small Business Time Clock

Small Business Time Clock

MinuteHound has Small Businesses Covered The time has come for a change. Clocking employees in and out is a major part of any business. Keeping track of work schedules is often a full time job. MinuteHound is the answer to making the whole process faster and easier. It is time to get rid of the […]

How Can A Small Business Owner Save o...

How Can A Small Business Owner Save on Payroll?

Small Business Payroll: Making Every Cent Count As a small business owner, you may struggle to make ends meet every day that you operate. Every penny counts, and you know that labor is one of your biggest expenses. Keeping this necessary category to a minimum can be a huge challenge for any small business owner. […]

Internet Time Clock- Record Time Secu...

Internet Time Clock- Record Time Securely From Anywhere

How Do Employees Use an Internet Time Clock? MinuteHound’s internet time clock requires no equipment nor any special skill set. Business owners from any background, in any field, will have no problems using the internet time clock. It is as simple as assigning an email to staff members. Employees are entered into MinuteHound from any […]

Attendance Tracking Software – ...

Attendance Tracking Software – Employee Mangement

Attendance Tracking Software Helps Your Business with MinuteHound Is your business struggling with time card fraud or dealing with difficult and messy payroll files? Attendance tracking software can provide a real solution to your problems. With MinuteHound attendance tracking software, you can save money, go paperless and protect your business against time theft. Time card […]

Fingerprint Device: Connect to Any PC...

Fingerprint Device: Connect to Any PC to Get Started

What is a Fingerprint Device? A fingerprint device is so simple and easy to use, without even trying, it works to perfection! The technology part will come later, but what is a fingerprint device and what does it do? Simple, a fingerprint device is used by business owners to track the whereabouts of their staff. […]

The One and Only Biometric Fingerprin...

The One and Only Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock

How Do You Use A Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock A biometric fingerprint time clock is essentially a small electronic device that uses a sensor to capture fingerprints. After the fingerprint has been initially captured, it will be digitally processed to enhance the quality of the image and will then be broken down into a binary […]

100% Reliable Time and Attendance Fin...

100% Reliable Time and Attendance Fingerprint System

MinuteHound: A Time and Attendance Fingerprint System for You If you are looking for a solution to meet your time clock needs, look no further than MinuteHound. MinuteHound’s unique time and attendance fingerprint system helps business owners stop time theft and makes it easy for employees to get to work. MinuteHound makes time tracking easy. […]

Cloud Based Software – Fingerpr...

Cloud Based Software – Fingerprint Time Clock

Why Cloud-Based Fingerprint Time Clock Systems Are Ideal Moving various business practices to the Cloud has potential to increase the efficiency of the company. This is why many organizations are moving to a paperless system. Not only does it save on various office products, but you can complete many daily routines faster than ever. Using […]

Using a USB Time Clock To Accurately ...

Using a USB Time Clock To Accurately Track Employees

Are All Time Clocks Made the Same? No one will ever compare a Corvette to a Corolla, as sure they both have wheels but an entirely different experience and expected results. Same with a time clock, as so many different styles and models available at all price points. A time clock can be as simple […]

Why Fingerprint Time and Attendance M...

Why Fingerprint Time and Attendance Matters

Fingerprint Time and Attendance for Small Business Fortune 500 companies have costs outlined and budgets set far in advance as they have major operations to manage. Small business owners don’t need to worry about multi-million dollar projects, but they still have to manage their operations. Big companies have employees just like small business owners and […]