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Small Business Time Clock

Small Business Time Clock

MinuteHound has Small Businesses Covered The time has come for a change. Clocking employees in and out is a major part of any business. Keeping track of work schedules is often a full time job. MinuteHound is the answer to making the whole process faster and easier. It is time to get rid of the […]

Is a Web Time Clock Cost Effective an...

Is a Web Time Clock Cost Effective and Functional

How Does A Web Time Clock Work? Finding a time clock that is both cost-effective and functional can be a challenge. Trying to balance finding a system at the right price point that fits your business’ needs might seem impossible. For many employers, there is often a tough decision to make between price point and […]

Fingerprint Biometric Time Clock | Ti...

Fingerprint Biometric Time Clock | Time and Attendance

MinuteHound Timeclock Technology Payroll concerns are a hassle to everyone. Today there are easy solutions to reduce the impact of these concerns while saving time and money. MinuteHound is able to pass on savings directly to you by making use of efficient and reliable technology. Take a look at the two options available today to […]

Time Clock Software to Change the Pla...

Time Clock Software to Change the Planet!

Reduce Time Theft With Time Clock Software Time theft is a serious and costly issue. From buddy punching to break abuse to even frivolous wage claims, time theft is a growing business concern. Fortunately, there is time clock software available to reduce and even eliminate time theft in your business. Time theft is simply being […]

Employees Time Clock- Staff Attendanc...

Employees Time Clock- Staff Attendance – Business Payroll

You Need a Better Employees Time Clock Right Now In a time when we can access vast volumes of information on a small handheld device, and we can communicate with people across the world and see what they are having for breakfast, why in the world would you stick with an antiquated timekeeping system for […]

Ready To Buy Time Clock Services? Exc...

Ready To Buy Time Clock Services? Exclusive Package

Buy Time Clock Services That Matter Some part of you might be wondering why you need to buy time clock services at all. After all, why should you buy time clock services when you have a perfectly good time sheet system? The truth of the matter is that your time sheet system is less effective […]

Automated Attendance | Time Clock | B...

Automated Attendance | Time Clock | Business Technology

MinuteHound: The Stress-Free Automated Attendance System Employers gain more control over employee behavior. Employees relieved from peer pressure. Employers save time, money, and aggravation. Attention can be focused on more essential parts of the business. MinuteHound’s automated attendance system services address all these needs. Automated attendance programs via MinuteHound services helps control employee behavior mainly […]

Time Clock Software Blog- Essential E...

Time Clock Software Blog- Essential Elements of Time Keeping

Modernize Your Business With a Revolutionary Time Clock System The time clock has been part of every business that tracks employees in one way or another since the invention of the factory. If your company is still using a time clock that uses RFID patches or punch cards to track employee time and attendance it’s […]

New Time Clock Software- No Training

New Time Clock Software- No Training

Improved Time Clock Software Every year, employers lose millions of dollars paying employees for unworked hours. Forgetful or unscrupulous employees manufacture schedule exceptions or use methods like Buddy Punching (basically, having other employees clock in or out for the individual in their absence) to rob their employers of hours worked, oftentimes with little indication that […]

Educational Facilities Greatly Benefi...

Educational Facilities Greatly Benefit By Using A Web Based Timesheet

The Benefits of a Web Based Timesheet for Educational Facilities The hustle and bustle of a school shows the passion of students to learn and the dedication of the teachers to instruct. However, with so many people coming and going, taking care of timekeeping matters can become an issue. A web based timesheet helps to […]