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Biometric employee time and attendance solutions

Why MinuteHound?

Save money

A typical business realizes an ROI (Return on Investment) of 2,300% when making the switch to MinuteHound™.

Take control

Stay informed of any inefficiencies with time and attendance accounting. Adjust staffing based on current needs.

Eliminate fraud

Create an honest environment based on integrity and accountability. Valuable for large and remote operations.

Save time

Accurate reports generated automatically: no time cards to reconcile, saving hours of payroll review.


We were fortunate to discover MinuteHound™ last year and have already seen a measurable savings in our payroll cost. Aside from the 7% payroll savings realized, we have also reduced the workload of our office manager.
Dr. Leo Capobianco
Allure Cosmetic Laser Center
MinuteHound™ was the best decision we've ever made. Our payroll processing time has virtually been eliminated and the money we're saving on time card exceptions has made a big impact to our bottom line.
Q Regan
G. I. Design Studios
MinuteHound™ stood out as an innovative, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution. We have realized a payroll cost savings of at least 5% as the direct result of implementing the MinuteHound™ system.
Landon P.
Convergence Marketing

MinuteHound is a biometric time and attendance system that allows employees to clock-in and out with their finger, face, or user-name and password.
MinuteHound allows managers to view employees’ attendance records in real-time, 24/7.
To learn more, including how to save 2-8% from your payroll, watch the 70-second video above.

How A Biometric Time Clock Adds Up Savings

MinuteHound has the unique ability to save your company money. A typical business realizes an ROI (Return on Investment) of 2,300% when making the switch to MinuteHound. How? By eliminating time theft, human error, and buddy punching. Visit the time clock calculator page to find out how much your company can save. The MinuteHound biometric time clock makes time and attendance easy and efficient. The biometric time clock is a small device employees place their finger on when arriving and departing work. Buddy punching is over, cheating is no longer tolerated, and time theft is eliminated.

Welcome to a new, fresh, and easy way to manage your staff and monitor employee activity. Time and attendance, payroll, and staffing issues cause problems for managers and business owners alike. MinuteHound is your solution to these problems. The biometric time clock will solve almost every time and attendance issue that you encounter. The amount of money lost due to buddy punching and human error cannot be stressed enough. According to the American Payroll Association (APA) over $148 billion dollars are lost annually due to ineffective time and attendance systems. The APA states that time theft accounts for 5 to 10 percent of payroll cost. Utilizing MinuteHound’s biometric time clock and tools will eliminate inefficiencies and save you money.

Modern technology allows for completion of common tasks effectively and in less time. The latest advancements in technology make life easier, and will help you achieve otherwise impossible results. Using a biometric time clock will be the smartest business decision you make! Employees will drop bad habits, and form positive and productive new ones. A biometric time clock will hold your staff accountable for their actions. No more lost time or wasted hours. Put time back on the clock!

Online Web Access and Attendance With A Biometric Time Clock

MinuteHound is split into 2 parts: (1) the application on your computer/tablet, and (2) your personal web portal. Your personal web portal can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime. You can be at home or away and still access your portal through any Internet enabled device with a full web browser. You can be on the golf course and check reports! After your employees place their finger on the biometric time clock, or present their face to the camera all data is recorded. You are then able to log-in and view this information in real time. MinuteHound is the only company that provides online web attendance combined with the power of a biometric time clock! It’s a win-win!

You will be saving everyday by using web time tracking and a biometric time clock. Obtain a personal estimate by using the time clock calculator price page. The best part of MinuteHound, and how it is designed to save you money, is the price structure itself. MinuteHound is a month to month subscription, which you may change or cancel at anytime. Costs are determined by your current staff levels and number of branches.

The Biometric Time Clock Setup

The biometric time clock includes a 6-foot USB cord. Extension cords (available for purchase) allow the biometric time clock to be placed up to 54-feet away from the computer. This allows the workstation to be setup to your preference. Your employees never have to see the computer screen. Employees need only see the green light on the scanner itself to know they are good to go! The biometric time clock can be mounted to a wall, desk, or shelf with a simple adhesive.

MinuteHound will save you money while reducing hassle and stress. There are no long-term obligations. You may cancel at anytime if you feel MinuteHound is not for you. The biometric time clock offers so much to you and your business. Hire MinuteHound and start saving today!

Is Training Required? The Fingerprint Time Clock Solution

You DO NOT need any IT knowledge or skills, and no training is required! MinuteHound combines ease of use with modern technology, bringing you a true solution for all of your time and attendance needs at a low monthly cost. MinuteHound time clock software installs on any PC, runs in the background, and stores all data in the cloud. A camera, or a biometric scanner, allows your workforce to clock-in and out with a simple swipe of their finger or face scan. Time clock software from MinuteHound is cost effective, highly efficient, and easy to use. Available for any size business, biometrics can now be your driving force to reduce costs while increasing savings.

By using a fingerprint time clock or Cloud Face Clocking, your staff will have to verify their identity before recording any clock-in or out time. This will help you save time and money. A biometric time clock will keep your employees honest. Unlike pins, passwords, badges, and punch cards, fingerprints and faces cannot be shared. Fingerprints and faces are unique which is why a biometric time clock is all you need for better time management and cost savings.

Immediately after creating an account with MinuteHound, you can use Cloud Face Clocking with your camera. If you purchase a fingerprint scanner, you will receive the scanner within two to four business days. Your scanner plugs into any PC. No other equipment needed. MinuteHound is an efficient application that can run in the background. The computer or tablet you use for MinuteHound will become the biometric terminal for your workplace. The fingerprint time clock allows your employees to clock-in and out for arrival, breaks, and exits

What Makes MinuteHound Different?

Superior technology at a lower cost, with dedicated support. You cannot buy MinuteHound in stores. MinuteHound is a service, which means you pay per month, not upfront. It will help you better manage and upgrade your internal operations. No long term commitments required. There is no warranty to worry about, as you will have a lifetime money back guarantee for the fingerprint scanner. If you ever decide MinuteHound the fingerprint scanner is not for you, simply return the fingerprint time clock and you will receive a refund for the scanner price. Simple as that.

If you’re ever in need of assistance, or need help, we are a phone call and/or e-mail away. When you buy a product from a store, you are on your own. With MinuteHound, you have an entire team of U.S.A. based professionals supporting you and your company around the clock. The fingerprint time clock is easy to install and setup. Try it today and find out just how easy it is to save money!

MinuteHound Time And Attendance For Today And Tomorrow

Technology changes fast, and now that benefits you and your business. From your iPad or tablet, you’re able to log-in to your personal MinuteHound portal and view your detailed time and attendance reports. You are no longer tied down to your office or internal network. Mobile text message (SMS) and email alerts also provide you with up to the minute notifications of any staff activity while you’re away. Now, your time and attendance is a true solution for the modern world!

Instead of looking for ways to boost your bottom-line from the outside, try looking on the inside. Cutting edge technology such as biometric time and attendance, provides a huge advantage. How much of an advantage? Please visit our time clock calculator and see the numbers for yourself! MinuteHound time and attendance software will provide you with a toolbox of resources to help reduce costs, while saving more money.

Our time and attendance system is cutting edge technology that is designed for ease of use and accuracy. If you’re currently using time cards, sheets, badges, ID’s, pins, or passwords in the workplace as a method of recording time and attendance, then you’re losing money. That is a fact. According to the American Payroll Association, every year American businesses report labor-related losses in the billions of dollars. These losses are due to outdated technology, and inefficient time and attendance accounting. Small and large organizations all have to deal with employees, payroll, and human error. Our system was engineered to solve these problems and more. MinuteHound’s time and attendance software is tried, tested, and proven to work for businesses of all sizes.

A Time And Attendance System With A Proven Track Record

The MinuteHound time and attendance system is widely used with over 150,000 users clocking in and out daily. Companies from all industries utilize this time and attendance system. MinuteHound is chosen for many reasons; it is easy to use, reliable, and cost effective. No downtime or learning curves to overcome. After registering with MinuteHound, all you have to do is download our time clock software. In less than 10 minutes, installation will be complete! After installation you simply enroll your employees and begin.

Enrollment of employees takes seconds. To view the enrollment process please visit, “the enrolling an employee video“. After installation and enrollment, your staff will clock in and out by placing their finger on the scanner or by presenting their face to the camera. With MinuteHound, Clocking in and out takes seconds. Biometrics ensure accurate time and attendance reports. By having your staff verify their attendance, you know the time recorded is accurate and correct.

There is no large upfront investment. There is no big machine to take up space. The MinuteHound time and attendance system is the full package: Advanced time clock software, biometrics, anytime from anywhere web access, live customer support, and all the while 100% paperless. Go green and save big!​

MinuteHound Time And Attendance With Your Current System

MinuteHound time and attendance software is simple, robust, and easy to integrate and setup. MinuteHound can add a biometric element to your existing system. Time and attendance data can be exported to allow importing into almost any accounting software. All information within the system is encrypted and stored on multiple servers. Your information is available to you, and no one else. MinuteHound time and attendance system will leave you wondering how you survived without it!

MinuteHound is Free to try. 

We offer 2 unique tools which allow you to calculate not only how much MinuteHound costs, but how much money you will save!

Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock 
Please visit the link above to view our price page. The monthly cost breakdown is $2.00 to $3.00 per employee depending on your package, and $5.00 per location. There are no hidden fees or additional costs. If you’d like to use our fingerprint timeclock, we offer a scanner for a one-time fee of $99.95. Which includes free shipping and a lifetime money back guarantee.

Time Clock Calculator
Please use the link to visit our time clock calculator savings page, which will provide an estimate of your annual savings. All calculations are based on information from the American Payroll Association. More information on calculations can be found on the time clock calculator page. There you will enter the total payroll amount you pay out each period, and how many pay periods you have per year. After you fill out the number of employees you have, and the hourly rate of your staff member conducting payroll, you will see your estimated savings. This is a great tool, and all the formulas are presented so you know which areas cost you the most. You can identify savings in multiple areas, and realize how MinuteHound saves you money. Try it today and see for yourself!