Clocking In & Out

Easy and simple to use software; Time tracking capabilities that far exceed other time clocks; Private, secure, patented process. Images are never stored. Clock in savings. Clock out fraud.

How MinuteHound Works- Clock in and Clock Out With Biometrics

The MinuteHound time clock is universal and works for any size company. By using any workplace computer, employees are able to clock in and clock out with simplicity. No more pens to find and keep nearby in order to sign in. Employees don’t have to remember pins, passwords, or a badge to carry around. Instead, MinuteHound uses biometrics, or more specifically an employee’s finger or face. This way, when an employee arrives to work and wants to clock in, they have to verify who they are first. No more cheating or buddy punching. Friends at work cannot cover for one another, and business owners no longer lose money due to time theft and payroll fraud.

By using a fingerprint or face capture, employees are always honest. Even if management is not around, MinuteHound always is! Employees cannot clock in without being present and placing their finger on the scanner or by having the camera verify who they are. It is a very quick and simple process. In about 1 second, the entire process is complete and employees get to work. Same process for exiting and taking breaks. No training or downtime is required. To see the process and how easy it is, please watch the video below on one of our longtime and loyal clients, Our Thrift Store / The Gear Foundation .

Our Thrift Store / | The Gear Foundation

No More Paper- Clock In and Clock Out With Green Technology

Go green and save green! Depending on a company’s current setup, a lot of paper is wasted from printing out time sheets, reports, and other paper related time and attendance items. Not anymore! When employees clock in and clock out by using MinuteHound technology, no other supplies are needed. If employees need or want a time card, have them log-in and view it for themselves! The technology behind MinuteHound is state of the art, and by using cloud computing every business benefits. The clock in process records information live, meaning employees and managers can log-in and view at anytime. Managers can edit and modify reports, while employees can simply view. True solutions for the entire staff.

Don’t worry about any type of risk or privacy concerns. When employees clock in, the biometric process of scanning is simple and safe. Images are never stored or kept. By using 128-bit encryption, all data transfers are secure. Record and view information safely from any web browser, while providing accuracy in all your reporting needs. The clock in process for employees is a simple swipe or aligning your face to be scanned, but behind the scenes MinuteHound works hard to provide protection for all users. Have no fear and leave the stress at home, MinuteHound is on the clock!

When Staff Clock In With Modern Technology, Savings Begin!

Business owners and managers have many job responsibilities, don’t make babysitting one of them. By having employees clock in and out with biometrics, technology does the heavy lifting for you. When you use MinuteHound’s text and email alerts, even honest mistakes are eliminated. If someone “forgets” to clock in, arrives late, or even tries to leave early an alert is sent out. From home, work, or play managers have the capability to always check and control staff activity. The clock in process from MinuteHound, and all the features behind it, make the switch an easy and much needed decision.

Live and friendly technical support, lifetime updates, and 24/7 access make MinuteHound the right choice. With so many features and simple and quick clock in process, how can anyone go wrong! Upgrade today and let MinuteHound get to work! Please watch the short video today on the clock in process.

Clocking In & Out Demo