CloudFaceClocking is zero-contact biometric solution to time and attendance using hardware you already own. As long as you have a camera and a Mac, PC, or Android device, you are ready to save time and money with MinuteHound!

What is a Biometric Time Clock?
Biometric time clocks are systems for clocking employees in and out that use unique bio-identifiers instead of cumbersome passwords, physical cards, or dreaded paper timesheets. Face scans and fingerprints are the two Bio-identifiers commonly used for time and attendance.


Why Use CloudFace Clocking?
For Six Reasons:

1. Sanitation and Zero-Contact
2. Payroll Savings
3. Guaranteed Accuracy
4. Increased Employee Accountability
5. Perfect for Remote Work
6. Peace of Mind

Sanitation and Zero-Contact
Covid-19 has forced the world to recognize the importance of sanitation. Old-school timeclocks can serve as hotbeds for infection. CloudFaceClocking is a 100% zero-contact time and attendance solution. To use CloudFaceClocking simply present their face to a laptop or tablet camera.

Payroll Savings
Payroll savings come from the elimination of time theft, which, on average, accounts for 5% of total payroll cost. Old-school time and attendance systems that rely on physical cards, passwords, or paper records allow employees to easily fake clocking in and out. CloudFaceClocking eliminates that possibility.

Guaranteed Accuracy
CloudFaceClocking immediately stores all timesheet information in an easy to track database. As soon as someone clocks in, your payroll instantly updates. CloudFaceClocking eliminates user-error and payroll manipulation.

Increased Employee Accountability
With CloudFaceClocking, you know who is on the clock, without the possibility of buddy-punching.

Perfect for Remote Work
CloudFaceClocking is perfect for businesses with remote workers. CloudFaceClocking is easy for employees to use on their own devices. Meaning, you can accurately clock your employees in and out, even if they work from home.

Peace of Mind
Because CloudFaceClocking accurately stores payroll information and eliminates time theft, it allows businesses to stop worrying about time and attendance. CloudFaceClocking handles time and attendance, so you don’t have to.

Why CloudFaceClocking: The Bottom Line
We offer a free trial because we know we provide a high-quality service that sells itself.
MinuteHound is a cutting edge biometric time and attendance company. We’ve spent years developing an intuitive interface that is easy to use and requires no training.

Once you try CloudFaceClocking, you won’t know how you survived without it. Over 150,000 users happily clock in and out of work using MinuteHound™’s biometric time clocks. No more assigning IDs, inventory, or expensive badges. No more mistakes. CloudFaceClocking ensures accurate records that are secure and accessible from anywhere. CloudFaceClocking is your comprehensive time and attendance system.

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