First designed for the military ,

then engineered for large corporations.

Now, time clock software for small businesses includes all the features previously only available to large corporations.

Time Clock Software For Small Business | Achieve Success One Scan At A Time

The technology behind MinuteHound’s time clock software for small business was first designed for security purposes at highly sensitive military facilities. After branching into the private sector, large corporations found MinuteHound to be very cost effective and a flawless method of tracking employee time. Now, everyone benefits. Time clock software for small business is now available regardless the size of your company. The pricing structure is setup so you only pay for what you need.

MinuteHound Time Clock Software | Short Story

Time clock for small business is easy to use, simple to understand, and requires no training. No IT skills are necessary. When one asks themselves, “what is the best time clock for small business?”, the answer is MinuteHound. The reasons why are cost, simplicity, and top quality customer care. MinuteHound’s time clock software for small business is supported round the clock by friendly technical experts based in the U.S.A. You call, and someone will answer to solve your problems. Stress free and no hassles.

Time Clock Software For Small Business – High Powered Affordable Technology

MinuteHound’s time clock software for small business will keep your company cutting edge through lifetime updates. There is no additional costs. No hidden fees that will ever pop up. If there is ever an update to MinuteHound, you will receive it so that your company stays ahead of the game. MinuteHound’s Time clock software for small business is not a product you can buy in stores, but rather, the latest and most up to date solution available. You pay per month, not upfront. MinuteHound’s cost saving advantages start from day one!

Cloud computing allows managers to retrieve information at anytime from anywhere. Time clock software for small business allows you to take your office with you. From home, work, or on the go you always have access to your time and attendance reports. The time clock software for small business, along with MinuteHound’s face capture will provide the perfect combination. The fac capture is how your employees will verify their time, and the time clock software will do the rest. Upon every  scan, the print is broken down into numbers. No information is ever at risk, and can never fall into the wrong hands.

Small Business Time Clock Software Reports Video

MinuteHound provides the ability to export reports to your current payroll system. MinuteHound time clock software saves an estimated 2-8% off your payroll costs. No more manually adding up hours or fixing mistakes. MinuteHound is a time and attendance solution, as it solves your time and attendance problems. By using text and email alerts, the time clock software will alert you if any of your staff arrive late or leave early. Did they forget to clock-in or out? No problem! MinuteHound’s attendance software can send out notifications to notify managers and employees instantly! Time recording software provides the ability to prevent errors.

Time Clock Software By MinuteHound Is Never Late!

The best part of MinuteHound being a monthly subscription is that it never becomes outdated. Lifetime updates to the time recording software are included in your monthly fee. Technology moves fast, and here at MinuteHound we keep our clients up to date and ahead of the pack. Time and attendance software and a cutting edge time clock helps you save money every month. You will never over or under pay again, as your reporting will be accurate. Time clock software ensures your employees’ attendance is verified, before recording their time. Find out exactly how much you will save by getting a personal estimate using our time clock calculator.