Why use the Time Clock by MinuteHound™?

There are many benefits to using MinuteHound™, but there are 4 critical reasons that make the MinuteHound™ Time Clock a necessity for large businesses. Thanks to the newest version, small businesses can enjoy all these benefits as well.

The MinuteHound™ Time Clock System will Save You Money!

Businesses in the U.S. lose approximately $148 Billion each year as the result of inefficient time and attendance accounting, as reported by the American Payroll Association. Buddy Punching and Schedule Exceptions cost the average business 5% of total payroll. All businesses, large or small, have the added benefit of protection against certain types of lawsuits as the system provides an irrefutable record of attendance. The MinuteHound™ Time Clock completely eliminates this problem, saving thousands of payroll dollars. A typical business realizes an ROI (Return on Investment) of 2,300% when making the switch to MinuteHound™. From day one – the system pays for itself.

The MinuteHound™ Time Clock System Helps you take control of your business!

Because MinuteHound™ Time Clock Software offers real time reporting, the user always knows what’s happening, when it’s happening. Utilizing the MinuteHound™ Time Clock Software’s reporting system and exception alerts, the attentive manager can stay informed of any problems that may contribute to inefficiencies with time and attendance accounting. This customizable alerts system can be utilized by a manager to adjust staffing based on the current needs of the business, potentially saving companies tens of thousands of dollars per day!

The MinuteHound™ Time Clock System Eliminates Fraud!

Extra hours being reported on the time cards of employees should be treated the same as theft. Because the MinuteHound™ Time Clock requires a fingerprint, there is 100% assurance that the person clocking-in is the person being paid. Additionally, there is no way to alter or change the clock-in times; This provides an extra layer of security and creates an honest environment based on integrity and accountability. This is especially valuable for large and remote operations where some employees may only have part-time supervision.

The MinuteHound™ Time Clock System Will Save you Time

Since there are no time cards to reconcile or calculate, hours of payroll review will be saved each pay period. This additional labor cost will be virtually eliminated because with MinuteHound™ accurate reports are generated automatically. To view the other many benefits of the MinuteHound™ Time Clock please see 30 Reasons Why You Will Love MinuteHound™