Find answers to frequently asked questions about the MinuteHound™ Time Clock Software


MinuteHound™ allows employees to clock-in and clock-out using either facial or fingerprint recognition. Facial recognition can be used on multiple operating systems. With a computer and connection to the Internet MinuteHound™ becomes the business’ clock-in machine.

MinuteHound™ Time Clock Software provides attendance information in real time that can be monitored from any computer with Internet access.

The user has the choice to print this information, export it to a spreadsheet or a PDF.

It is the only time and attendance system that allows multiple company clocking-in and out utilizing a single terminal. The individual company’s information is viewed through separate login details for each company.

It is the most cost effective solution for multiple branch businesses.

It is easy to use, quick to set up, reliable, and low-cost.

Information is encrypted within the system and is protected by the world’s most advanced systems per ISO 17799.

Yes, MinuteHound™ displays an Excel based wage calculation table. One only need add the hourly rate being paid and then total it up, this can be done in the “Summary” link at the back office, it is important to know that MinuteHound™ isn’t a Time and Attendance software per say. Rather, it is a web based, biometric clocking in system that can export all raw data of your workforce movement (in and out) to other time and attendance software or payroll systems.MinuteHound

Yes. The administrator can enter an employee’s sick leave or holidays manually by using the “Add/Edit” button in the time sheet of the employee through the MinuteHound™ Web Portal control panel.

Not long at all! It takes around 45-60 seconds for enrollment. 

The system administrator (or whomever is assigned by the owner) can perform a manual correction of entry or exit by accessing the “report” link in the MinuteHound™ Web Portal.

At the end of the registration process, press the “test” button and allow the employee to place their finger or have their face scanned. This test will verify whether or not the employee was entered successfully. 

You can re-enroll an employee at anytime. For facial, please ensure you are in a brightly lit room and the employee is not wearing glasses. After enrollment, they will be able to clock in/out with their glasses on. Just during enrollment please have them take off eyeglasses. 

No, MinuteHound™ Time Clock Software can authenticate  identification out of 1,000,000 people without any further information, just scan in!. MinuteHound Biometric technology is state of the art!

Pictures are never saved! MinuteHound face capture uses advanced facial recognition techniques to match points on the face rather than match a picture. After enrollment, only administrators of the system will be able to see a users profile and when that employee is no longer with the company, they can be removed and all pictures along with them. 

Yes, our technology currently services over 150,000 active daily users worldwide. For more information please see the “Time Clock Testimonials” link.

It’s very simple. Install the MinuteHound™ time clock software and enroll your employees!

If an employee tries to clock in when the Internet connection is temporarily down the word “saved” will appear on the screen.

The MinuteHound™ Time Clock Software will then save the clock-in time and date on the computer. Once the Internet connection is live the system will automatically synchronize with the server and update the employee clock-in details.

Additionally, The system allows you to enter and edit all payroll information via the back office so if you choose to manually record your clock-in and out times you can enter them in manually when your internet connection is re-established.


Every scan is encrypted to a 128 digit number making it impossible to tell whose it is.
Names are saved on a separate server and are not mandatory when enrolling employees. As an alternative to using an employee’s name, an emplolyee ID number can be used for identification purposes.


No,  images are never stored. Information is transmitted as a 128 digit number encryption and cannot be recreated using reverse engineering, meaning that it cannot be traced back to a specific person.


In recent tests installation was completed in under 9 minutes. It is easy, just plug and play.  MinuteHound Face Capture can be used on any PC/Android/Mac device using the built in camera. Setup is a breeze.

It’s as simple as installing a new mouse!


It is an easy installation. You will be able to complete the installation within approximately 9 minutes. It is easy, just plug and play. It’s as simple as installing a new printer! If you do incur any problems with your permission we can install this for you remotely.


Under 2 seconds, the average speed is 1.2 seconds.


No, the system allows you to press gently but firmly, try cover as much of the glass scanner space as possible. Facial is easier, as you simply match up your face with the 3D hologram and bam, you are done!

Over 150,000 satisfied users worldwide from small, medium, and large businesses including: dentists, attorneys, retail, accountants, restaurants, industrial, and just about any other business you can think of.


MinuteHound™ can serve a 2 employee shop or a 50,000 employee business easily. It will allow you to grow your business without having to pay for it in advance. The system will grow with you.


No, you can cancel at any time. You can choose to pay month-to-month or use a discount and pay for a year in advance. You will not get refunded for the months used. There are no cancellation fees or any other hidden fees. 

No, if you were able to review this website you can do it yourself. The installation is easy. Most new users are able to complete the installation within less than 9 minutes. Just plug and play. It’s as simple as installing a new printer! If you do incur any problems we can assist, after getting your permission, remotely.

Attendance reports can be overridden manually by a manager