More than a “Time Clock”

MinuteHound™ is an innovative time and attendance system that is saving multinational corporations an average of 5% on payroll. MinuteHound™ was initially developed to suit the needs of large corporations whose struggles with basic employee timekeeping demanded an intelligent solution. MinuteHound™ has successfully built a system that flawlessly addresses the unique challenges faced by large businesses. This system was designed in collaboration with companies employing a minimum of 50,000 employees.

Privacy issues continue to be an obstacle for large businesses. Unlike most other biometric devices, MinuteHound™ does not store the user’s fingerprint. Utilizing a patented algorithm, MinuteHound™ converts a fingerprint scan into an encrypted string of numbers. These strings are immediately transmitted to multiple servers across the globe. This method allows the system to identify users with over 99% accuracy, while at the same time making it impossible to reverse engineer the number string into an identifiable fingerprint. This matching methodology completely eliminates privacy concerns because fingerprints are never stored and are not retrievable in any way.

MinuteHound Biometric Time Clock | The Short Story

Multi Location

Large businesses are almost exclusively multi-location from a timekeeping perspective. Even a single-location large business requires multiple employee clock-in points. MinuteHound’s cloud based biometric time clock is 100% internet based. Therefore, whether a business has one massive location, or 1,000 locations across the globe, employee time clock data is aggregated in exactly the same fashion.

Cloud based also equals real-time monitoring, i.e., employee timekeeping data is uploaded the moment it is captured. Thanks to real-time monitoring, data exports to job costing, payroll, or other software, can literally contain data collected one-minute prior. Thus, an employee who clocks out at 5:00pm is included in the export completed at 5:01pm. This data is securely accessible from any internet-enabled device. Furthermore, because the system is cloud based, employees can clock-in or clock-out from any location with zero geographical limitations.

MinuteHound™ is backed by a money back guarantee, and any size business may purchase via the secure online checkout. However, please feel free to call us with any questions; your call will be answered by a member of our entirely U.S.A based staff.

Clocking In & Out Demo

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