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Businesses of all sizes appreciate this money back guarantee. Doctors, lawyers, retailers, warehouses, schools, hotels, these are just a few of the types of clients MinuteHound™ services. Whether you’re a single family-owned restaurant. Or a 100,000 employee corporation. You will save money on payroll with MinuteHound™. From the vehicle manufacturer with 50,000 employees who saves $55,000,000 per year on payroll. To the furniture store owner who simply wants to know his employees came back from lunch on time. Every business stands to benefit from the MinuteHound™ money back guarantee.

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Basics of The Risk Free Time Clock

Some of the basic ways MinuteHound™ risk free time clock saves businesses money: By eliminating buddy punching. Which is the practice of one employee clocking another in or out. By eliminating unapproved overtime. Overtime is expensive. Don’t pay for unnecessary overtime. By eliminating time clock manipulation. MinuteHound™ captures time of day from the internet. There is no way employees can alter the time. And last but not least, by eliminating manual time card calculations. Which saves you time, frustration, and money.

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Free Trial to try the risk free time clock today. As an employee, introduce MinuteHound™ time clock to your business risk free. You may stand to receive a serious bonus for a job well done. As a partner, purchase a MinuteHound™ risk free time clock and start putting money in your pocket from the first payroll. Click the Free Trial button to get started!

MinuteHound™ Risk Free Time Clock

MinuteHound™ is a completely risk free time clock. This is thanks to a 100% money back guarantee when you purchase a fingerprint scanner at $99.95. No contracts. No long term commitment. Try MinuteHound™ time clock for as long as you like. Return at any time for a full refund of the scanner price. MinuteHound™ even covers the cost of shipping both ways. You only pay for the service between the time the scanner is purchased and when the scanner is returned. The MinuteHound™ team is confident that you will love MinuteHound™. That is the driving force behind the money back guarantee. This risk free time clock has gained the support of thousands upon thousands of users.