Easy to install and use. No IT skills required.
Runs in the background. Cloud Based. User-friendly

Save Money And Upgrade Your Business With Time Clock Software

Don’t spend hundreds or even thousands on an outdated time clock. You and your business deserve better! MinuteHound has the cure for your staffing and payroll issues, while at the same time meeting your budget. Time clock software from MinuteHound will spark a change in your workplace from day one, while giving you a simple new way to manage your staff and conduct payroll. Time and attendance software that works hand-in-hand with your physical time clock not only saves you money, but makes you and your management team much more efficient. MinuteHound combines the time clock software with a biometric scanner to completely eliminate time theft. Visit the time clock savings calculator page to estimate your savings.

MinuteHound Time Clock Software | Short Story

After placing the order, your online web portal is created and a MinuteHound biometric scanner is shipped to your specified address. The biometric scanner will serve as the device your staff will use to clock-in and clock-out of work. The time clock software takes care of the rest! You will be emailed step-by-step instructions on how to easily download the time clock software, and install it on your machine. In less than 10 minutes the entire process will be complete! No IT skills required. MinuteHound’s time management software is very user-friendly.

Time Clock Software Interface and Demonstration

Cloud based time clock software provides numerous benefits to any business. Nothing is ever stored on your computer, and all information is transferred securely to offsite servers using 128-bit encryption. Time clock software will run smoothly and quietly in the background, letting you and your staff conduct normal functions throughout your workday.

Please watch this short video demonstrating our time clock software interface and features. You will notice how easy it is to navigate and find what you’re looking for. With any Internet browser, you can login and view/edit reports. The time clock software on your computer always records information in real time. This means you are no longer tied to your office. MinuteHound makes your office virtual, and the time recording software keeps you informed 24/7 of the activity at your workplace.

Time Clock Software Interface and Demonstration Video

MinuteHound provides the ability to export reports to your current payroll system. MinuteHound time clock software saves an estimated 2-8% off your payroll costs. No more manually adding up hours or fixing mistakes. MinuteHound is a time and attendance solution, as it solves your time and attendance problems. By using text and email alerts, the time clock software will alert you if any of your staff arrive late or leave early. Did they forget to clock-in or out? No problem! MinuteHound’s attendance software can send out notifications to notify managers and employees instantly! Time recording software provides the ability to prevent errors.

Time Clock Software By MinuteHound Is Never Late!

The best part of MinuteHound being a monthly subscription is that it never becomes outdated. Lifetime updates to the time recording software are included in your monthly fee. Technology moves fast, and here at MinuteHound we keep our clients up to date and ahead of the pack. Time and attendance software and a cutting edge time clock helps you save money every month. You will never over or under pay again, as your reporting will be accurate. Time clock software ensures your employees’ attendance is verified, before recording their time. Find out exactly how much you will save by getting a personal estimate using our time clock calculator.