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MinuteHound™’s Biometric Time Clock- Flawless, Foolproof, and Backed for Life

How A Biometric Time Clock Solves Time and Attendance Problems

For numerous legal and management reasons, every company needs a system that records the time worked by employees. What sets a company apart is smart decision making. A simple pen and paper log system provides data that is open to interpretation. The same can be said for PIN, password, and badge systems. Without an easy and foolproof method of verification, friends can cover for each other at work, and bad habits won’t stop. The biometric time clock from MinuteHound™ solves the most common issues all businesses face: buddy punching, payroll fraud, human error, and cheating.

What’s easier: finding pens and printing out time sheets, remembering pins and passwords, or simply having employees swipe their finger? By using a biometric time clock you will have a safe and accurate way to record time. Fingerprints and images are never stored or saved. Using a secure encryption process, information is never at risk. The biometric time clock from MinuteHound™ is convenient and 100% safe for all users.

MinuteHound™ Biometric Time Clock | The Short Story

Biometric Time Clock Featuring Online Employee Time Tracking

Welcome to modern and useful technology! MinuteHound’s biometric time clock records information in real time, allowing users to log-in and view reports online. Managers can view and edit from anywhere. So while waiting for a movie to start, pull out your iPad or tablet and take a quick glance at your reports! You can even export your reports to other systems, such as Microsoft Excel. MinuteHound was designed for business owners who want to focus on their business, not staffing issues. Let the biometric time clock keep tabs for you, even if you’re away from the office.

The biometric time clock keeps employees honest via verification. The system must confirm an employee’s identity prior to recording their time. When buddy punching ends, savings begin . Payroll will become stress and error free. Detailed time and attendance reports are always presented to give managers a snapshot of hours worked, overtime accrued, and holiday and sick time taken. Manually enter in data and record vacation days for easy and accessible employee history.

Additional Features of MinuteHound’s Biometric Time Clock

Set up text/e-mail alerts so you’re never caught off-guard. The biometric time clock tracks employee time down to the minute so you don’t have to. If employees arrive late, or try to leave early, MinuteHound will alert you to it instantly. In addition to alerts, the biometric time clock is supported to ensure your business succeeds. Just call, and a live friendly U.S.A. based representative will help. Throw in lifetime updates with plenty of other benefits, and the biometric time clock will be the easiest decision you ever make.

The biometric time clock uses your camera already built in to your device. The low monthly fee ensures that MinuteHound’s software stays on the cutting-edge. Work smarter not harder with a biometric time clock. There are no long term obligations or commitments required. Try it today; put these advantages to work for you!

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