Fingerprint Time Clock

No more wasted time. No more wasted money. Accurate pay for accurate work.

Why Use A Fingerprint Time Clock As Your Business Foundation?

Biometric fingerprint time clocks are quickly becoming the standard for companies of all sizes. The reasons why are endless. A few common reasons are reduced payroll (saving money!), guaranteed accuracy, accountability, and peace of mind. Do you know who is on the clock right now? Can you verify that your employees are not clocking each other in? When using the MinuteHound™ fingerprint time clock system, you know instantly. The MinuteHound™ system allows your employees to verify their hours. Not only is there a need for biometrics in the workplace, but with MinuteHound the transition is cost effective and painless. The standards and security of a biometric fingerprint time clock are unmatched. MinuteHound™ offers a full Money Back Guarantee on the fingerprint time clock. We are confident that it is the best solution in the industry.

Fingerprint Time Clock | Short Story

MinuteHound™’s Fingerprint Time Clock Is Your Natural ID Verification

Think of fingerprints as a form of ID. People were designed with a natural form of identification that makes them unique. Now as an employer, you capitalize on that with the use of a fingerprint time clock. Fingerprint recognition eliminates time theft, employee fraud, and clerical errors. A Fingerprint Time Clock is way more than a simple method to monitor employee movement. A fingerprint time clock ensures employees are honest.

There is no way to cheat biometrics. When you implement a fingerprint time clock in your workplace, you have just implemented a fool proof system that works on behalf of the employer. At the same time, employees know that they always get paid for the hours they worked. It is a win-win for everyone. No training required. No learning curve to master. No additional employees are needed to operate this system.

Save Space, Money, Time With A Fingerprint Time Clock

There are no health risks associated with the fingerprint time clock. The method used by the fingerprint time clock is safe for all employees and users. Another huge benefit to employers is the size. Office space is limited and valuable to all businesses. The fingerprint time clock is the size of a coffee mug. It simply plugs into any USB port on any computer system currently in use at your business. If you wanted to install or place the fingerprint time clock next to a door, access point, or table for employees extension cords are available. The fingerprint time clock is the most safe, accurate, cost effective, and convenient form of time and attendance on the market.

MinuteHound™’s patented technology is very unique. When your employees arrive or leave work they simply place their finger on the scanner and within seconds the information is recorded. However, privacy is a major factor with a biometric fingerprint time clock. Instead of saving that image and matching it to the employee every time, the fingerprint gets broken down. Using 128-bit encryption the fingerprint is transferred into a set of numbers then sent across multiple servers’ offsite for the upmost security. These measures prevent identity theft as well as time theft. The fingerprint time clock from MinuteHound™ provides many levels of security to give peace of mind to users and owners.

Fingerprint Time Clock: The Bottom Line

Once you upgrade your business to biometrics, you will wonder how you survived without it. Over 150,000 users clock in and out of work using MinuteHound™’s fingerprint time clock. The benefits of MinuteHound™ with anywhere/anytime access, advanced technology, and a solid proven team behind it gives you a competitive advantage. Your employees will be happy. They no longer have to remember passwords. They no longer have to find their time card. They no longer have to worry about not getting paid or inaccurate paychecks. Your employees are happy. Productivity increases. All the while you save time, money, and stress.

The cost savings advantages of a fingerprint time clock speak for themselves. Visit the Time Clock Savings Calculator to see how much your company will save. Imagine how easy it will be to simply tell new and existing employees to place their finger on the scanner. No more assigning ID’s. No more issuing expensive badges. No inventory to keep up with. You now have in place a rock solid solution to your everyday time and attendance needs. No more mistakes. A fingerprint time clock also protects against employee lawsuits. All your records are now accurate and accessible from anywhere. Records are kept securely in the MinuteHound™ system and can be accessed at any time. The fingerprint time clock is now your all inclusive business tool for success.