The Importance of Time and Attendance in Medical Offices

Every doctor and dental office in America is there to provide a service to its citizens and local community. But what about its very own employees? Every medical office is different. Size and mission are unique. However, the one common theme is that employees must be paid properly and on time. Time and attendance is more than a simple time card. It is more than just hoping all employees don’t steal time. Time and attendance for a medical or dental office is about time management. It is about legal and accurate payroll reports. It is about the tools to make this job easy and stress free. Work smarter, not harder! Enjoy work and have fun doing it. MinuteHound has been in business for many years supplying medical offices with the latest time clock technology. Whether the workforce is 3 employees or 300, a medical office is no different than a fortune 500 company in terms of management. Each and every doctor and dentist takes pride in having his or her own practice. They need not worry about employees showing up late, taking extended lunch breaks, or leaving early before the shift is over. MinuteHound has made this easy! If any employee clocks-in late or clocks-out early, a text and/or email message is sent instantly! This means the medical office can run full speed without having to waste time tracking down employees.

The Medical Office Doctors and Dentists Dream Of!

Is there such thing as a perfect management strategy or a perfect boss? Yes there is! It is called MinuteHound! The reason is that all the guesswork of running and managing a medical office is over. No more human error or manual counting of hours. Friends “covering” for each other is a practice put to rest. Payroll reports are automated and can be downloaded 24/7. Numbers do not lie! Employees must be physically present to record time worked. Now, each and every medical office can be the dream business of each and every doctor and dentist. Put technology to work for you! Managing more than 1 location? Is the practice large with multiple spots? MinuteHound makes this a breeze. A doctor, dentist, or any manager can monitor multiple locations from a single point. No more driving to each place to pick up weekly time sheets. Not sure if everyone showed up to work? Just log-in an check! MinuteHound is cloud-based. This means all medical office time and attendance data is available from anywhere. Nothing is ever stored locally. Simply log-in from any computer or tablet and monitor every location in real-time! This is the spark of savings! No more time theft. Bad habits are over. It is easy and simple to use.

Medical Time Clock | The Short Story

From Doctor to Dentist and Every Medical Office in Between

Whether the medical office is dental or other does not matter. The technology works just the same.  The software is downloaded with a click of a link. In under 10 minutes the medical office is up and running! Should anyone need any help, U.S.A based technical support is always standing by. So get with the best medical office time and attendance system available. No risks. No commitments. Just pure savings through clean, efficient, green technology. Every medical office deserves it! This technology saves a medical office money. No more paper. No more cards to punch or machines to maintain. Each employee can download and check their own time logs if he or she wants. It is mobile friendly. The best part of MinuteHound is if a doctor or medical office does not like the system, cancel anytime. No hassles. No gimmicks. No games! If this system is not for you, then do not use it. Simple as that. Every medical office can benefit from this system. Try it out. There is nothing to risk and nothing to lose.