30 Reasons You Will Love The MinuteHound™ Time Clock

Discover 30 reasons you will love using MinuteHound™ Time Clock Software Solution.

Go Green

MinuteHound™ is a green product. It’s paperless so you’ll be saving the planet.

Money Savings Icon

You’ll save 2% to 8% on your payroll costs. Extra money is always a good thing!

Low Monthly Costs

For pennies a day, MinuteHound™ is the most economical option for accurate state of the art time and attendance monitoring.

Easy Setup

There’s no complicated time clock to set up and no training required. Set-up is as easy as plugging in your USB Scanner or Camera, downloading the software and enrolling your employees.

Better Monitoring

You get access to real time reports from anywhere you have internet access.

Save Time

There are no time cards to reconcile or calculate so you’ll be saving hours every time you process your payroll.


Using our fingerprint option, all fingerprints are converted to a simple string of binary numbers. The fingerprints are never stored and cannot be reverse engineered, so you never have to worry about compromising the privacy of your employee.


We use 128 bit encryption when transmitting data. Since the data is recorded at a remote server location, you never have to worry about on-site security or data loss.


MinuteHound™ uses state of the art patented technology. Time clocks haven’t changed much in over 100 years, but with MinuteHound™ you get the most technologically advanced time and attendance system on the planet.


MinuteHound™ reporting system provides detailed information on your time and attendance. You also get email alerts based on the parameters you set, which provides a proactive way for you to manage you business.

Inexpensive Hardware

The cost of the fingerprint scanner is a fraction of the cost of a typical time clock. Most PC’s and tablets have built in cameras. No hardware to buy when using facial capture from MinuteHound!

It' Cool!

MinuteHound™ is like Star Trek meets James Bond. What could be cooler than that?

Control Panel

Everything you need to manage your time and attendance is provided in a web based interface, giving you total control of information vital to your business.

Web Based

No data is stored on site, and you can access your data from anywhere with internet access.

Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee on each scanner.

Express Shipping

MinuteHound face capture uses your builtin camera so you can start using….instantly!

World Class Support

MinuteHound™ prides itself on providing the best service and support in the industry. Because the process is so simple, there is rarely a need for support. But when you need it, you can trust that your issue will be dealt with the highest sense of urgency.

Lifetime Upgrades

We are constantly developing ways to improve our system, and with each new feature, you’ll get upgraded at no additional cost.


MinuteHound™’s clock-in process is the fastest in the industry. Additionally, with our reporting system you’ll spend virtually no time processing your payroll.


MinuteHound records data and sends it using the most efficient and accurate process in the industry. As a result your reports will always be precise and exact.


MinuteHound™ has the most stable time and attendance process in the industry. Our biometric options are built on the highest standards and go through rigorous testing. Additionally, our server systems have multiple redundancies to virtually eliminate any down time.

Multi-branch Compatible

Whether you have one location or hundreds of locations, MinuteHound™ is capable of providing your time and attendance information in a consolidated reporting system.

Fraud Detection

Through biometric technology and secure accounting process, you’ll never have to worry about employee fraud or foul play.


MinuteHound™ is simple to integrate and simple to use.

Error Free

Since there are no manual timecards and a fool proof identification process, you time and attendance records will always be error free.

Fast Enrollment

The enrollment process takes just minutes. Simply enter your employee’s names and scan their finger or face. That’s it.

No Training Required

MinuteHound™’s process is simple. There’s no need to train any of your employees, and no learning curve to implement.

POS Compatible

MinuteHound™ is designed to run on multiple operatins systemsna devices.


Using a patented Biometric identification process will ensure that there will be no mistakes when tracking the clocking-in of any of your employees.

Real-time Access

All reporting is available in real time so you’ll always have control over the critical data required to monitor your time and attendance.