The Truth About Employees and Buddy Punching

Stealing time is a crime! Well, sort of! If employees got caught stealing from the company or manipulating the time sheets that is theft right? Absolute fraud! That is why MinuteHound developed its cutting edge time and attendance technology. Buddy punching is officially over once this system is deployed in the workplace. Employees have friends at work and don’t mind putting they showed up on time if they are only a few minutes late. If they want to leave early, do you think they sign out early? They will either sign out on time or have a friend clock them out. They will get them back the next day! Buddy punching is wrong. It is bad behavior. MinuteHound has the cure!

Buddy punching comes in many forms but the results are always the same: It costs the business owner money. That is not fair nor right, however, it is reality. The good news is this type of theft is easily stopped with the right tools. Employees will never shortchange themselves when it comes to paychecks. Even the best, most trustworthy employees don’t worry about 10 minutes longer on break. Sure, you can trust them with the keys but are they always on time? Do they never leave early? Even by a few minutes each shift? This small amounts equal overspending to the employer.

Buddy Punching is everywhere and is usually done by everyone! Especially in an hourly wage environment. Employees just want to show up, do their time, and take off. Well, with MinuteHound they have to stay for the full shift or they won’t get paid for it! It is really that simple. You should try this technology out for yourself and see plain as day how easy it is to hold employees accountable.

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