Time and Attendance For Business During the Age of COVID19

A Time Clock That Is Suitable For Every Business
The world is changing daily, therefore, it is time to change the way your business keeps up with time and attendance. With the help of MinuteHound, you will easily know when your employees clock in and out, and the best part is they can punch in and out from any location. This is extremely important as we are dealing with covid19, and it is a perfect solution to help you keep up with when your employees are working or not working.

What Is MinuteHound?

  • A biometric fingerprint scan
  • Facial recognition
  • Time tracker that streamlines payroll

Who Can Benefit From MinuteHound?
Any business that has employees working from home will greatly benefit from this fingerprint scanner. The device is compatible with phones, tablets, and PC’s, and the software that is necessary is compatible with Android, Mac, or Windows systems. The computer’s camera is what allows for facial recognition, while the fingerprint scanner is a small device that is hooked up to any Windows device.

With the help of MinuteHound, you can easily make it through the covid19 pandemic as well as any other issues that may arise in the future. You can easily check time stamps and login locations as well as save money and eliminate employees from stealing time while they are out of the office or working from home.

Will The Corona Virus Ever Go Away? Is The Information Secure?
Information is never stored locally, and it is transferred safely through a 128-bit encryption for privacy. Information is stored in the cloud, therefore, it is easily accessible at any time from any computer around the world. This allows for freedom to travel for business or work from home if necessary. You will enjoy the fact that you are sent red flags when employees are tardy or absent from work, the ease of payroll, and the ability to look back on all information stored in the cloud.

MinuteHound is pertinent for any employer tracking time and attendance. You will be able to save money and know that your employees are doing exactly what they should be doing while on the clock. There is no telling when covid19 will be over, and in all honesty, there is no telling what other issues may arise in the future. Therefore, get ahead of any future problems by investing into a time clock that is accessible from any computer, phone, or tablet around the world.

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