Cost Effective

MinuteHound is not just a biometric cloud-based time and attendance solution. MinuteHound also saves money.

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Thanks to MinuteHound's biometric time clock, buddy punching is eliminated, and you save money in the process.

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Because MinuteHound is in the cloud, you can check attendance and access your reports from anywhere in the world.

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How Does It Work?

A small USB biometric scanner, a computer running windows (native or emulation), and an internet connection.

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Simple Attendance Software For your B...

Simple Attendance Software For your Business This Christmas

Why Use MinuteHound Software to Track Attendance Data? Software has taken over almost every aspect of our daily lives in many ways. Most of us are aware of software in our computers, automobiles, television sets and video games, but did you know that companies are switching over to software-operated time clocks? For many years, large […]

Is A Fingerprint Scanner Right for Yo...

Is A Fingerprint Scanner Right for Your Business?

The MinuteHound Fingerprint Scanner – Eliminate Time Theft in the Workplace Time theft is a problem in just about every industry. When employees steal time, it costs your company money. It’s difficult to put a figure on how much companies lose to time theft, but this chart should give you a good idea of how […]

Track Employee Time Easily This Holid...

Track Employee Time Easily This Holiday Season

Easily Track Employee Time From Anywhere and Everywhere! This holiday season most employers add extra employees in order to make sure they can keep up with demand. Whether it is retail, warehouse, online, or any other type of business most companies can need an extra hand. No matter what type of environment these employees are […]

Is It Possible To Steal Time? Workfor...

Is It Possible To Steal Time? Workforce Management

Can Employees Steal Time At Work? Yes they can. Employees have friends at work that cover for them, sign them in when they shouldn’t, and many other methods to ensure their paychecks are never affected. Employees steal time on purpose and sometimes its just pure human nature. Whether you’re running late from a lunch break […]

Are Employees Stealing Time? Stop Ove...

Are Employees Stealing Time? Stop Overpaying and Start Saving Right Now!

MinuteHound Time & Attendance System – Stop Employee Time Theft in its Tracks Employees in almost every industry have been stealing time from their employers for many years. Time cards made time theft extremely simple. However, since it’s so difficult to track, chances are most employees won’t get caught. An inefficient payroll system has forced […]

Biometric Time Recording | Payroll He...

Biometric Time Recording | Payroll Help for All Business | Lower Costs

MinuteHound Introduces Biometric Time Recording The time has come for companies to implement a new clock-in structure that is accurate and easy to use. MinuteHound developed a cloud based attendance software system that uses a fingerprint for identification purposes. It can be installed onto any computer that has internet access. Biometric time recording is a […]

Payroll Time Tracking: Tools for Busi...

Payroll Time Tracking: Tools for Business Management

Revolutionize Payroll Time Tracking with MinuteHound Payroll time tracking is one of the most important aspects of almost any business. It’s critical that you’re able to keep track of who is working and when. If you’re concerned about your business’s time tracking system, there are some new and innovative solutions to help you. MinuteHound is […]

Stop Employees from Stealing Time and...

Stop Employees from Stealing Time and Gain More Control

How do Employees Stealing Time Affect my Bottomline? Whether employees are stealing time or merchandise, the bottomline is being gutted both ways. If your employee walks out the door with office equipment or product it costs you money. Well, stealing time is the same concept. If an employee is an hour late to work but […]

Business Owners and Managers Can Use ...

Business Owners and Managers Can Use the Internet Time Clock from Anywhere

About the MinuteHound Internet Time Clock – Stop Time Theft in its Tracks! Not so long ago, companies were using the same analog time clocks that have been in use for over 100 years. Analog time clocks were highly prone to failure and constantly needed replacement parts. Payroll was a nightmare because time cards would […]

Internet Time Clock- Record Time Secu...

Internet Time Clock- Record Time Securely From Anywhere

How Do Employees Use an Internet Time Clock? MinuteHound’s internet time clock requires no equipment nor any special skill set. Business owners from any background, in any field, will have no problems using the internet time clock. It is as simple as assigning an email to staff members. Employees are entered into MinuteHound from any […]