Cost Effective

MinuteHound is not just a biometric cloud-based time and attendance solution. MinuteHound also saves money.

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Thanks to MinuteHound's biometric time clock, buddy punching is eliminated, and you save money in the process.

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Because MinuteHound is in the cloud, you can check attendance and access your reports from anywhere in the world.

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How Does It Work?

A small USB biometric scanner, a computer running windows (native or emulation), and an internet connection.

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Employee Payroll Support : The Finger...

Employee Payroll Support : The Fingerprint Time Clock Attendance Tracking

Introducing the MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Clock! The time clock has remained largely unchanged since its introduction in 1888, when a jeweler named Willard Bundy created the device. Willard Bundy’s time clock worked on a very simple principle. His employees would insert a heavy paper card into a punch slot. The clock would then stamp the […]

Time and Attendance That Saves Money ...

Time and Attendance That Saves Money and Boosts Productivity

MinuteHound Time Clock Systems: Accurate Time and Attendance Reporting Businesses lose hundreds of thousands of dollars or more per year from inaccurate time and attendance reporting. The MinuteHound Time Clock System eliminates fraud, provides accurate reporting, and calculates all hours worked. Learn more about MinuteHound to discover how cloud based software can save your company […]

Time Clock for Employees that Uses Fi...

Time Clock for Employees that Uses Fingerprints to Clock In

MinuteHound’s Time Clock Works in Any Environment Each and every business is unique. Even within the same niche and industry, business owners direct and lead in various styles with dissimilar goals. However, the one common thread of every business is that employees need to be paid. Some employees work inside, while work outside. Either way, […]

Biometric Time Recording – Acco...

Biometric Time Recording – Account for Every Minute

Biometrics is Becoming the Solution to Time Theft in the Workplace With time theft so prevalent in the workplace, many companies are looking toward biometrics to solve their problems. Biometrics is the act of using biological data, usually fingerprints, to identify individuals. Biometric time recording has been found to be quite effective in reducing time […]

Business Time Clock Software That Wor...

Business Time Clock Software That Works on Any PC – Quick Setup

The MinuteHound Time Clock Software Puts an End to Time Theft For many years, the time clock has helped us keep track of time in the workplace. However, as time passed, companies began to realize that the time clock had more than its share of problems. Among these problems were: Mechanical failures Lost time cards […]

Stop Time Theft: Hold Employees Accou...

Stop Time Theft: Hold Employees Accountable for Their Actions

What Is Time Theft and How To Stop It The average employee steals 54 minutes every shift! That is an insane amount of time when you add it all up! No one wants to pay for that. It is hard to run your own business so there is no reason to pay employee’s for time […]

Low Cost | Highly Effective Time and ...

Low Cost | Highly Effective Time and Attendance Solution

Why Time and Attendance is so Important No matter the size of your business or which industry you are a part of, having a reliable time and attendance solution is a decision every business owner makes. Having a pen and paper to write down times do not count as reliable! Paper time sheets are a […]

Fingerprint Time Clock – Time a...

Fingerprint Time Clock – Time and Attendance for the Workplace

About the MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Clock In 1888, Willard Bundy became a corporate visionary by inventing the mechanical time clock, also known in some countries as the Bundy clock. His device used heavy paper punch cards that were inserted into a slot so the device could stamp the card with the time and date of […]

Time Clock Software Will Save You Mon...

Time Clock Software Will Save You Money

MinuteHound Saves Businesses Money Businesses around the world struggle each day with employee attendance and time management solutions. MinuteHound has created a patented program that solves this problem. Their cloud based fingerprinting time clock software identifies the employee. This biometric technology was designed to put the information and control back in to the hands of […]

Biometric Scanner for Your Business T...

Biometric Scanner for Your Business Time and Attendance

Why Should I Buy the MinuteHound Biometric Scanner for my Business? For over 100 years, companies have been tracking employee time and attendance with simple mechanical clocks. These simple devices would often require the employee to insert a heavy paper time card into a slot, then pull a lever to stamp the card with the […]