Cost Effective

MinuteHound is not just a biometric cloud-based time and attendance solution. MinuteHound also saves money.

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Thanks to MinuteHound's biometric time clock, buddy punching is eliminated, and you save money in the process.

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Because MinuteHound is in the cloud, you can check attendance and access your reports from anywhere in the world.

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How Does It Work?

A small USB biometric scanner, a computer running windows (native or emulation), and an internet connection.

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Employee Time Attendance – Fing...

Employee Time Attendance – Fingerprint Clocking System

Fingerprint clocking system-Reliable time saving solutions Each year, employers spend thousands of dollars on labor costs due to time theft. The fingerprint clocking system answers the need for accurate time reporting for employees. With the introduction of solutions like MinuteHound’s time attendance tracking solution, companies are cutting labor costs. Employees can clock in one another […]

Time and Attendance | Time Clock Fing...

Time and Attendance | Time Clock Fingerprint System

The Time Clock Fingerprint System Business owners are always looking for methods of improving their productivity, sales message, inventory tracking and other investments. However, they rarely pay attention to a large problem that dominates the workplace—time theft. US business owners pay billions of dollars each year for time theft. How can you stop the problem […]

Time Clock Fingerprint – Saving...

Time Clock Fingerprint – Saving Money Every Day!

The Time Clock Fingerprint System Ever wished that you could keep your employees honest in the workplace? If you are like most business owners, that has always been a long-term goal, but the problem with obsolete time cards is that you make it easy for buddy punching to happen. With the time clock fingerprint technology […]

Fingerprint Time Clocks | Easy Employ...

Fingerprint Time Clocks | Easy Employee Attendance Monitor

Spend pennies to save $$$ One way to get ahead in today’s business driven world is to make sure your employees are honest with how much they work and when they work. That seems hard to do without an expensive biometric fingerprint time clock. Are you tired of seeing countless abuses of your punch card […]

Business Matrix Solved! Fingerprint T...

Business Matrix Solved! Fingerprint Timeclock Technology

Time is on Your Side As a successful entrepreneur, you might be asking yourself, “why do I need to switch from my current attendance tracking software when mechanical time clocks are working just fine?” With the exception of a few minor malfunctions here and there, you may also be of the opinion that there’s really […]

Cost Cutting Fingerprint Employee Clo...

Cost Cutting Fingerprint Employee Clocking In System

Honor Thy Fingerprint Employee Clocking In System! Biometric fingerprint scanning systems have been at the forefront of spy movies for decades, but recently, they have been finding their way into the corporate world. But what are biometrics? A biometric fingerprint clocking in system is a specific software program that can identify individuals by their fingerprints. […]

7 Fingerprint Timeclock Advantages fo...

7 Fingerprint Timeclock Advantages for Your Business

1. MinuteHound’s Fingerprint Timeclock Allows Management to Know Exactly Who is On the Job With this efficient biometric system, management is no longer responsible for seeing that the employees clock in an out accurately. In the past, this was a difficult problem, especially in companies that were large or had multiple locations. Now, each employee […]

Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine: ...

Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine: Nonstop | Never Sick

Integration into the Biometric World In today’s technologically advanced society, conventional methods of employee verification are becoming obsolete. Biometrics are taking over traditional time clocks and password authentications strategies. A fingerprint time attendance machine benefits company’s of today in various ways. As we’re different, we all possess physiological features that can’t be swapped, stolen or […]

Perfect Fingerprint Attendance For Do...

Perfect Fingerprint Attendance For Doctor and Dentist Offices

Biometrics: Your Future Awaits As your business begins to grow and develop, accuracy in attendance records will become more and more important. Hiring the right candidate really doesn’t do any good if they never show up for work. Traditional methods such as punching a stationary time clock and paper time sheets are almost obsolete as […]

Time and Fingerprint Attendance for E...

Time and Fingerprint Attendance for Employees and Staff

Smart and Savvy Fingerprint Attendance System As a business owner, you are always looking for methods of improving the efficiency of your business. Time theft has been an almost timeless concern in the workplace, and using the outdated time cards, you leave a vulnerability open because buddy punching means that even if your employees are […]