Cost Effective

MinuteHound is not just a biometric cloud-based time and attendance solution. MinuteHound also saves money.

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Thanks to MinuteHound's biometric time clock, buddy punching is eliminated, and you save money in the process.

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Because MinuteHound is in the cloud, you can check attendance and access your reports from anywhere in the world.

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How Does It Work?

A small USB biometric scanner, a computer running windows (native or emulation), and an internet connection.

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Online Timesheet – Secure Colle...

Online Timesheet – Secure Collection of Employee Data

Features of an Excellent Online Timesheet A timesheet tracker allows you to keep track of your employees’ worked hours. Traditional paper and punch-card systems have long given way to computer based systems. An online timesheet connected to the cloud is the current paradigm. It allows collecting your timesheet data and seamlessly combining it from multiple […]

Clock In and Out Software | Time Cloc...

Clock In and Out Software | Time Clock | Work Time Card

Reduce Theft and Improve Your Bottom Line with Biometric Technology Biometric fingerprint technology is the newest tool for managers to control employee time, reduce payroll costs, and eliminate fraud. No more inaccurate time cards. No more buddy punching. MinuteHound technology effectively gets rid of time theft from the office by requiring employees to clock in […]

Revolutionize Your Payroll With a Min...

Revolutionize Your Payroll With a MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Clock

The Cost-Saving Effects of MinuteHound’s Fingerprint Time Clock If you asked a business owner if he or she would like to save time and money in processing payroll, you would hear a resounding, “Yes.” If you further inquired if he/she would like to be better able to manage their staff, you would hear that “yes” […]

Time Attendance System | Time Clock |...

Time Attendance System | Time Clock | Payroll Hours

Improving the Accuracy of Your Time Sheets with MinuteHound’s Time Attendance System With the ability to reduce payroll cost by between two and eight percent, and an estimate return on investment of up to 2300 percent, MinuteHound can deliver a marked improvement on your workforce management. MinuteHound holds a patent on cloud-based biometric identification, granting […]

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2015 Time Clock Reviews – What Is The Best Time Clock?

Which Time Clock Should I Choose in 2015? Those who look into 2015 time clock reviews know that time clocks are the most efficient way to keep employee time. The benefits of a time clock are numerous. They provide a win-win scenario for both employees and their employer. Time clocks that utilize biometric fingerprint technology […]

Cloud Based Online Time Tracking Soft...

Cloud Based Online Time Tracking Software

Online Time Tracking Software Managing employees and keeping track of attendance is no longer limited to traditional methods of punching in and clocking out. Utilizing online time tracking software is a new way to keep track of employees and their attendance at all times regardless of the size of your business or the number of […]

Time Clocks | Time Clock Systems and ...

Time Clocks | Time Clock Systems and Software

Benefits of Using Time Clocks in the Workplace Managing a business successfully requires more than the ability to deliver products and services that meet your customer’s needs. Understanding how to effectively manage and monitor employees at all times is also essential whether you are looking to build a new business or grow an existing one. […]

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How To Purchase Time Clock And Why- Business Tools

How to Purchase Time Clock System for your Company? Companies of all sizes need to monitor their employees’ work hours. This information is used in the preparation of company payroll. It also provides insight on employee attendance standards and may be used for other employee management activities, such as leave management. It can be a […]

Brand New Biometric Software- Busines...

Brand New Biometric Software- Business Savings

MinuteHound: Biometric Software Protects Employers MinuteHound’s biometric software is the perfect solution for companies that are looking to maximize payroll strategies and save money long-term. MinuteHound is a revolutionary patented time and attendance system that allows employees to clock in and out simply with the touch of a finger. This biometric software bases itself upon […]

The Problem Time Clock |Solution | St...

The Problem Time Clock |Solution | Stress Free Payroll

A No Problem Time Clock To Help Monitor Employee Movement When you’re an employer, manager, or CEO, you have far too many things on your plate already without having to worry about babysitting your employees to ensure that they’re where they should be at the right time. With most time clock systems, there’s a lot […]