Increase Profits and Productivity with a Fingerprint Time Clock

Fingerprint Time Clocks Increase Profitability

Employee labor costs are one of the largest variables that a business faces in its daily operations. Time clock misuse costs businesses 5% of their labor costs. Controlling and eliminating these unnecessary costs increase company profitability. MinuteHound is at the forefront of technology to increase company profitability with their innovative fingerprint time clock. The MinuteHound fingerprint time clock is a complete solution. It starts with its innovative fingerprint sensor. The sensor plugs into any computer at the business. Tied to software, it is ready to go.

The system is easy to use. Employees put their finger on the sensor. They are automatically punched in or out. There are no time cards or badges to deal with. This reduces time card problems associated with lost or stolen badges and cards. Fingerprint time punch data is relayed to a secure cloud. In the cloud, time clock data is processed. No fingerprints remain on the device. This ensures privacy. The fingerprint time clock ensures that data is neither manipulated nor tampered with. The time punch data is collated into reports accessible from any computer. These are real time reports that are up to the minute accurate. Managers can know exactly who is punched in. They know who is working at any time.

The Fingerprint Time Clock System in Action

There are several benefits to a fingerprint time clock. It reduces time card fraud. It ends buddy punching. You know that every punched in worker is present on the job site. The same goes for early buddy punch outs. No more friends punching friends in or out. Another benefit is that tardy employees are identified along with missing workers. Real time reports are generated. These up to date attendance reports are invaluable. The fingerprint time clock ensures that absent or tardy employees cannot claim they used the wrong method to punch in.

When it comes to security knowing how many and which employees are on site at any time is important security data. In sensitive businesses, the fingerprint data can keep track of employees as a backup to badge systems. There are other benefits to a fingerprint time clock. Production environments require data. The data needs to be accurate. It needs to be up to date. Managers have access to real time data on the number of employees working on site. Each production environment requires proper staffing. The fingerprint time clock gives managers the information they need. They can meet workforce demands. They can make sure profit is maintained. By keeping accurate time records, businesses can reduce their payroll costs and increase their efficiency. A MinuteHound fingerprint time clock is cost effective. It costs pennies day and will more than pay for itself through savings.

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