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Save Money. Save Time. Business Techn...

Save Money. Save Time. Business Technology That Works

Save Time and Money Using A Proven Business Technology Solution Your employees are the most important resource that your business has. It is therefore important that you deploy this resource in the most effective manner. Time tracking helps in monitoring employee activity, adhering to legal standards, and running an efficient business. It can also help […]

The Paperless Advantage: Lower Labor ...

The Paperless Advantage: Lower Labor Related Costs and Go Green!

The Paperless Advantage in Everyday Business Businesses are always trying to maximize profits. That’s the goal of any for-profit organization out there, small or large. The best — perhaps the only — way to increase your profits is by cutting costs. MinuteHound has found a way to eliminate time theft, buddy punching, and human error […]

Save The Earth and Save More Green! B...

Save The Earth and Save More Green! Biometrics is Pure Savings

The Future of Biometrics has Arrived with MinuteHound MinuteHound has introduced a new biometrics attendance clock in system that is designed to do it all! Since the start, businesses around the country have changed the way they deal with employee time records. The old fashion methods of clocking in are over, making room for today’s […]

Medical Technology: Fingerprint Time ...

Medical Technology: Fingerprint Time and Attendance Now Used in Hospitals

How Medical Technology Is Revolutionizing the Workplace The biometric fingerprint time clocks are taking medical technology to the next level. This technology has plenty of attractive features. Do you worry about ghost workers on your payroll? The constant need to be always alert to monitor the employees? Are you having trouble explaining why some employees […]

How Can I Save Money and Lower Payrol...

How Can I Save Money and Lower Payroll Expenses

Saving Payroll by Shaving Time You may have a handful of employees or thousands; either way, you can cut your payroll expenses. Right now, your company invests a lot of payroll dollars to keep track of timekeeping and payroll expenses. You need to pay people just to keep track of how much you need to […]

Best Time Clock For Small Business

Best Time Clock For Small Business

Small Business Can Save Money With Time Clock Large businesses have been able to afford any type of time clock that they prefer, but a small business has to keep a closer eye on its budget. MinuteHound’s patented time and attendance solution requires no time cards or inventory. That makes this unique biometric fingerprint technology […]

Inexpensive Time and Attendance Optio...

Inexpensive Time and Attendance Options

Buddy Punching Begone through Biometrics One of the biggest drawbacks to the punching-in system is the potential for workers to sign in one another when one of them hasn’t actually arrived on time. MinuteHound has made a point to eliminate this troublesome time and attendance affair by using biometric fingerprint technology in MinuteHound. No More […]

The Best Fingerprint Attendance Syste...

The Best Fingerprint Attendance System For Every Business

A Fingerprint Attendance System That Provides Better Accuracy and Ease of Use The real beauty of MinuteHound fingerprint attendance is that timekeeping and attendance is made simple so any computer can be used as a company’s time clock. For this to work smoothly, you only need an Internet connection on each computer. Businesses of all […]

What Is The Best Time and Attendance ...

What Is The Best Time and Attendance Method for Small Business?

How the MinuteHound Biometric Time Clock Saves You Money For over 120 years, the time clock has been in operation. Since its invention in 1888, there have been few innovations. The first time clock used paper punch cards which were inserted into a slot. A mechanical stamper would then print a timestamp onto the time […]

Can Employees Be Held Accountable For...

Can Employees Be Held Accountable For Stealing Time?

How You Can Stop Employees From Stealing Time Employees have a habit of ensuring their paychecks are never short. Even if they take a longer break, don’t show up on time, or have to leave early they always manage to get a full paycheck. This is stealing time! It is very easy for them to […]