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Best Way To Stop Payroll Fraud and Pa...

Best Way To Stop Payroll Fraud and Payroll Abuse?

Payroll Fraud No More Payroll Fraud is such a headache. It can cost a company thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Payroll abuse is stealing. Good news is though is that it’s incredibly easy to eliminate. There are countless ways that employees engage in payroll fraud, and it can be frustrating […]

Is Time Theft A Big Problem for Small...

Is Time Theft A Big Problem for Small Business Owners?

Time Theft Can Be Stopped Many small businesses have a very relaxed, family-style atmosphere that promotes teamwork and cooperation. Employees get comfortable working in such an environment. In fact, sometimes they get too comfortable and become lax in their timeclock procedures. Management can also become very laid back about employee clock-in methodology. Often they may […]

Can Buddy Punching Be Prevented?

Can Buddy Punching Be Prevented?

Buddy Punching’s a Thing of the Past Have you ever heard of buddy punching? No, it’s not when your employees give each other playful taps on the shoulder. It’s when a co-worker friend punches another co-worker in for them. And it results in some pretty major problems. Loss of revenue in fraudulent paid wages, lack […]

How Can I Stop My Employees From Budd...

How Can I Stop My Employees From Buddy Punching?

Prevent Buddy Punching At Your Job “Buddy punching” might sound like a playful act between friends. However, in the workplace, it can be a serious problem. It occurs when employees ask one another to clock them in or out so that they aren’t penalized for arriving late or leaving early. It might seem innocuous, but […]

Small Business Owners Agree Biometric...

Small Business Owners Agree Biometric Technology is The Key to Success

Biometric Technology Explained Each and every business has their own way of doing things. For every service offered, or product sold, small business owners put in place procedure for their process. Biometric technology is for in-house operations. No matter the industry or niche, every business has to pay employees for their time. This is where […]

Will A Fingerprint Time Clock Help Me...

Will A Fingerprint Time Clock Help Me Save Money on Payroll?

Fingerprint Time Clock Benefits and Advantages As you know, one way to increase the profitability of your company is to cut expenses wherever you can. That’s not always an easy task, but modern technology can reduce some of the high costs associated with operating your business. You may have already heard about fingerprint time clock […]

Holiday Shopping Means Holiday Time T...

Holiday Shopping Means Holiday Time Tracking

Holiday Time Tracking Headaches Is time tracking at the top of your priority list this holiday season? You probably have other things you want to do this holiday season. Shopping for your own family, decorating your own home, enjoying holiday parties and festivities with your own group of friends. Right? But you have a business […]

Payroll Reports Provided by The Best ...

Payroll Reports Provided by The Best Time and Attendance System!

Looking for Accurate Payroll Reports? Each and every business owners needs to not only control their staff, but have accurate and verified time and attendance reports. For business and tax purpose, every minute worked by staff needs to be accounted for. Lost wages, unpaid overtime, and other payroll issues cost American business owners billions every […]

Seasonal Employees Time and Attendanc...

Seasonal Employees Time and Attendance

How A Biometric Timekeeper Can Work For Seasonal Employees During the holiday time, many businesses need extra employees along with their regulars. That’s why many business owners and managers choose to hire seasonal workers. For those workers who do a good job, they might get to stay on with the company after the season is […]

Christmas Shopping Staffing Concerns ...

Christmas Shopping Staffing Concerns for Employers

Holiday Staffing Concerns for Employers The holiday season is fast approaching and with it a huge influx of shoppers. Most businesses do not have enough staff on hand to handle this type of volume. Additional employees must be hired to assist with the increased workload. You have many staffing concerns over these new and temporary […]