Time Tracking Web App For Multiple Branch, Small, And Large Businesses

The Time Tracking Web App Changes The Game!

For the manager or owner of a business, it is of vital importance to be able to properly and accurately track the time and attendance of employees. The efficiency of a company, payroll, and legal issues hinge on precise and documented employee attendance. Traditionally, this can be difficult and unreliable. Time cards, sheets, badges, and ID and passwords do not protect employers from time theft. These conventional systems are flawed. However now there is a proven solution. The MinuteHound time tracking web app meticulously and easily tracks time for any number of employees. The time tracking web app stops time theft and employee abuse. It also cures human error and mistakes. Documentation, security, accessibility, and mobility also drive this system.

MinuteHound is unique because of its full integration with a time tracking web app. MinuteHound works by using fingerprint scanning. Once registered on the system the employee swipes their finger to clock in and out. Data such as the amount of time spent working and when the employee clocks out is all saved. It can then be viewed at any time through the MinuteHound time tracking web app which also provides analyzing tools. These tools allow a manager to see visually how the time is being spent so that they can better track employee activity.

How The Time Tracking Web App Helps You Succeed

The time tracking web app allows for email alerts so a manager can be notified when someone shows up late or leaves early. This is how documentation is created. Text messages can also be sent. You and your managers now have an HR assistant 24/7 helping them keep track of all who is supposed to be working. The time tracking web app can be accessed by managers and owners to view live reports. From any internet connection whether it be an iPad, iPhone, Droid, or workstation your always connected to your office. The time tracking web app is built for ease of use with the employer being the focus.

Time Tracking Web App Is Your Portal To SavingsThe time tracking web app is also completely web-based. There is absolutely no data that MinuteHound stores on a physical computer. All information is safely and securely stored in remote cloud servers. Through a patented process the fingerprint image is never stored. Instead it is converted into an encrypted 128-bit number that is then fragmented into 4 secure servers on different continents across the globe. This is just another added level of security and peace of mind with MinuteHound’s time tracking web app. Your employees’ identity is never compromised. This technology also makes MinuteHound the most trusted, secure, and flawless system on the market today.

Time Tracking Web App And All The Perks

The time tracking web app is also the most cost effective solution for multiple branch businesses. It is easy to use, quick to set up, reliable, and low-cost. From small to large businesses and all in between, this system literally pays for itself. From day one you will notice a change in your workplace. The time tracking web app is very user friendly and easy to setup. However if you need help, just ask. MinuteHound is available 24/7 to help answer your questions and solve problems.

The time tracking web app requires no training. No learning curve to master. It is also 100% green and paperless. No more inventory to manage. No extra equipment to buy. No fine print or contracts to worry about. MinuteHound’s time tracking web app is simply a pure and proven business tool to help you succeed. Make the switch today. You will be glad you did!

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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
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