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Features of an Excellent Online Timesheet

A timesheet tracker allows you to keep track of your employees’ worked hours. Traditional paper and punch-card systems have long given way to computer based systems. An
online timesheet connected to the cloud is the current paradigm. It allows collecting your timesheet data and seamlessly combining it from multiple locations. It allows central access to such data as well.

There are a variety of features to look for when deciding on an online timesheet:

– Email / Text Notifications:

It is very helpful to have notifications for time logged. This alerts management to the availability of an employee. It also gives clear indication if he/she is late or missing. This prevents having to guess or ask around. This makes it clear to everyone what is being registered.

– Cloud Based:

A cloud based system helps centralize data. It gives employees and managers one-stop access to their records. It provides ability to gather data from different sites. It makes it easy to check in with the online timesheet wherever you are. Either physical damage or software corruption of the local system does not cause loss of timesheet data using MinuteHound.

– Biometric technology:

Biometric technology, in the form of fingerprint reading, prevents buddy timecard punching. It allows a user to not have to worry about losing or misplacing their timecard, damaging their timecard, or forgetting to bring their timecard. Whatever the user needs to authenticate himself is present on his finger. This saves cost, complexity and space.

– Simplicity:

The addition of extra steps to the process of online timesheet management adds errors and frustration to the process. It’s important to make sure that employees don’t have to think about the timesheet process and can simply walk in and out of the job as needed. When there are added steps to think through, there’s just more room for forgetting, for distraction, for headache, and for mistakes.

– Security:

Online timesheet data is incredibly sensitive. Next to financial data, timesheet data needs to be protected in order to ensure that hours that an employee works is in the hands of those who need it only. 128-bit encryption of this data is all but necessary to prevent this data from getting into the wrong hands.

– Risk-Free:

If the online timesheet system isn’t working out for you, it’s very important to feel like there is no risk or obligation to continue with the setup. Cancellation should be as simple as possible.

– Easy Setup:

Setup of an online timesheet should be as painless as possible. It should be as simple as plugging in a device into your computer. Everything else is, for the most part, taken care of. This not only makes setup easy. It also makes troubleshooting and replacement painless.

– Cost-Effective:

A good online timesheet system is completely cost-efficient. It doesn’t have a long-term maintenance fee, no installation costs, and has the ability to cancel anytime. Further, it should have the ability to replace the hardware if it ever stops working. Look no further, MinuteHound has you covered!

– Support:

Support options are essential when considering a useful online timesheet system. Having remote support options available to help troubleshoot any issues or questions with your system should be readily available at any time.

There are a variety of features in a good online timesheet management system. Find a strategy that is thoughtful and clear. Find a solution that is pain-free and secure. Implement a process that your employees actually use. Get a system that simply works: MinuteHound!

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