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Data Breach: Cyber Hackers Steal Fing...

Data Breach: Cyber Hackers Steal Fingerprints and Socials

This article is in reference to the Washington Post story, “OPM says 5.6 million fingerprints stolen in cyberattack, five times as many as previously thought” by Andrea Peterson The Office of Personnel Management Admits Data Breach While most people were enjoying the beach and good weather during the summer months, hackers were working overtime stealing […]

Cloud | Web Based Clock In Clock Out ...

Cloud | Web Based Clock In Clock Out Software

What is Clock in Clock Out Software? MinuteHounds’ biometric time clock uses clock in clock out software to record accurate attendance of every employee. The clock, which uses a biometric fingerprint scanner, cannot be manipulated in any fashion. It helps to save time and money for businesses, and it helps to save employees time as […]