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Effective Use of an Office Time Clock

Effective Use of an Office Time Clock

A Time Clock That Anyone Can Be Trained To Use Any human resources professional will tell you that training new people is one of the most expensive and time consuming processes that companies have to deal with. A brand new person who is learning all of the processes that a company has in operation at […]

Who Benefits The Most From A Biometri...

Who Benefits The Most From A Biometric Time Clock?

What Does A Biometric Time Clock Do? Are you looking to save money on your payroll? Are employees abusing your payroll over and over with time theft? Luckily, MinuteHound has an effective solution! MinuteHound is a company making clocking in and out of work very easy. State of the art technology combined with a biometric […]

Internet Time Clock- Record Time Secu...

Internet Time Clock- Record Time Securely From Anywhere

How Do Employees Use an Internet Time Clock? MinuteHound’s internet time clock requires no equipment nor any special skill set. Business owners from any background, in any field, will have no problems using the internet time clock. It is as simple as assigning an email to staff members. Employees are entered into MinuteHound from any […]

Biometric Time Recording For Business...

Biometric Time Recording For Business and Employees

MinuteHound: Biometric Time Recording for Your Business If your business is looking to improve your timekeeping system, there’s nothing more reliable than biometric time recording. A verifiable, secure time tracking system is a necessity for most businesses. You need to know who is working, when and for how long. For the best in biometric time […]

Online Attendance for Staff | Employe...

Online Attendance for Staff | Employees | Workforce

Online Attendance: Employee Time Tracking from Anywhere Time and attendance is a staple of every business. Employees don’t work for free right! Online attendance is a system that is modern technology for modern applications. Instead of having some old dusty out-of-date machine, MinuteHound provides an online attendance system that is both accurate and inexpensive. Nowadays, […]

Improved Time Clock Software for Ever...

Improved Time Clock Software for Every Size Business

Does Time Clock Software Really Work? YES! Time clock software is so effective because it does not allow any type of fraud to take place. Think about your current form of tracking time and attendance. It is most likely based on some type of honor system. Where employees show up to work, hopefully on time […]

Free Your Time With A Fingerprint Tim...

Free Your Time With A Fingerprint Time Clock

MinuteHound: The Fingerprint Time Clock to Lighten Your Business Load Any business seeking a solution to time tracking woes and confusion can find a new and innovative solution with a fingerprint time clock called MinuteHound. From making payroll a cinch to eliminating time theft, MinuteHound can make your business’s recording and verification straightforward, simple, and […]

Biometric Time Recording for The Mass...

Biometric Time Recording for The Masses!

The Future is Now and it’s Name is Biometric Time Recording Biometric time recording may sound futuristic, but it operates in today’s world with the security, accuracy, and confidence that the old time clocks and sign-in sheets are woefully incapable of producing. The MinuteHound™ solution works for businesses of all sizes. The plug-and-play technology makes […]

Top Biometric Time Clock Review

Top Biometric Time Clock Review

MinuteHound Receives the Best Biometric Time Clock Review for Your Business When your business is looking for a new way to measure employee time and attendance, you should be looking at a biometric time clock review. There’s one great biometric fingerprint-based time clock system that is sure to meet your business’s needs: MinuteHound. The MinuteHound […]

The One and Only Biometric Fingerprin...

The One and Only Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock

How Do You Use A Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock A biometric fingerprint time clock is essentially a small electronic device that uses a sensor to capture fingerprints. After the fingerprint has been initially captured, it will be digitally processed to enhance the quality of the image and will then be broken down into a binary […]