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Cost Effective Fingerprint Time Clock

Cost Effective Fingerprint Time Clock

Start Barking Up the Right Tree with MinuteHound! Using a fingerprint time clock is a must these days. As almost any business owner knows, tracking employee work attendance by time card is no easy feat. Hard to read? Incomplete? Incorrect? Human error remains a plague on payroll review for large and small businesses alike. Enter […]

What Can My Business Do With A Finger...

What Can My Business Do With A Fingerprint Time Clock?

Timekeeping Supervision – a Headache of the Past Biometric time clocks offered by MinuteHound can help your business more than you had ever thought possible. Time theft can cause huge headaches within payroll departments – not to mention the money that your company may be losing by using archaic time clock technology. Recent studies shows […]

My Employees Buddy Punch. What Can I ...

My Employees Buddy Punch. What Can I Do To Stop Them?

End the Buddy Punch Once and for All Employees filling out time card info for other employees, sometimes called a buddy punch, can be harmful to company profits and employee honesty. Physical time cards can be altered to steal money and time from employers. When employees buddy punch, they damage the trust between employers and […]

Can A Fingerprint Time Clock Really S...

Can A Fingerprint Time Clock Really Stop Time Theft?

A Fingerprint Time Clock Is Effective Against Time Fraud Time theft is an issue that affects nearly all companies, from small local businesses to huge corporations with over 10,000 employees. It is prudent that you do all that you can to minimize or eliminate the issue of time theft at your company, because time is […]

Time and Attendance System for Small ...

Time and Attendance System for Small Business Owners

A Total Time and Attendance Solution for Businesses One of the biggest issues small business owners face is their time and attendance management. After all, how is any one person – any one office, even – going to absolutely ensure that their employees are coming in and leaving on time? And how are they going […]

Small Business Time Clock

Small Business Time Clock

MinuteHound has Small Businesses Covered The time has come for a change. Clocking employees in and out is a major part of any business. Keeping track of work schedules is often a full time job. MinuteHound is the answer to making the whole process faster and easier. It is time to get rid of the […]

Stop Employees From Buddy Punching

Stop Employees From Buddy Punching

Employee Cloud Clock Benefits Can your business capture less than 5% employee loss from employee time clock manipulation? Now you can avoid buddy punching, time/money theft, reduced security and plain data unavailability with MinuteHound technology. MinuteHound provides a cloud-based option that negates the classic punch clock or even computer timekeeping software so prevalent in today’s […]

What Is Biometric Fingerprint Technol...

What Is Biometric Fingerprint Technology?

Biometric Fingerprint Technology Keeps Employees Honest and Accountable It is possible for an employee to be tempted to commit time clock fraud. Sometimes, the personal life might leak into professional life and an employee might ask, “Would it really matter if I have someone else clock me in if I’m running late?” It does matter […]

Is There An Affordable Time Clock For...

Is There An Affordable Time Clock For My Small Business?

Are There Affordable Time Clocks For Small Businesses? There are always ways small business owners can cut costs, and most will look for big items in their budget that don’t add value to the business. But most don’t know that little things like time and attendance can also have costs cut. Why is it that […]

What Time Clock Solutions Are Availab...

What Time Clock Solutions Are Available?

Time is Money with MinuteHound Businesses know just how important time is. It is valuable and needs to be protected. The best way to make the most of each dollar is to invest in a MinuteHound time and attendance system. Companies show a large cost savings after switching to MinuteHound. The biometric time clock solutions […]