Everyone Is Moving To The Cloud! Including Your Time Clock!

Everyone Is Moving To The Cloud! Including Your Time Clock!

US intelligence officials decided that cloud data storage is the way to go.
Think about this in regards to your time clock.
Storing data in the cloud means is ideal for business!
No more server errors. No more worrying about physical security of your data.
And best of all, no more risk of someone in-house tampering with your time clock records!

On October 17, 2011 the Director of National Intelligence Ted Clapper told 4000 attendees at GEOINT 2011 That the United States intelligence agency will begin to use cloud computing to help cope with budget cuts. The event is also known as Geospatial intelligence, GEOINT (GEOspatial INTelligence), GeoIntel (Geospatial Intelligence), or GSI (GeoSpatial Intelligence).


Your business can also save money! Utilizing a cloud based solution such as MinuteHound Time and Attendance Time Clock Solution.

MinuteHound is simply the world’s most advanced employee time tracking system.
Our time clock and time clock software allow precise identification of individuals.
The online time clock system allows you to view your employees’ attendance records from any device with an internet browser.
The real time red flag alerts system can send automated messages to whomever you designate when there has been a schedule deviation.

Keeping accurate time clock records can protect you for years to come.
Businesses are sometimes exposed to legal problems long after their employees leave.
With the MinuteHound time clock you have irrefutable evidence of an employee’s attendance.

Old style paper time cards can be manipulated.
Likewise, swipe cards could be transferred between individuals for use in buddy punching.
A person’s finger always stays with them. And a finger is all you need to clock in on a MinuteHound time clock!

Your time clock data is always stored in the cloud.
This means the data is safe and secure.
Don’t worry, the MinuteHound time clock has got you covered!

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