Fingerprint Clocking In! The Future?

Why is Fingerprint Clocking In the Future

Fingerprint clocking in at work is a great way to Improve your business.
The reasons for switching to a fingerprint clocking in system are numerous.
They put an end to time theft, increase efficiency, and eliminate the need for time cards / magnetic strips.
The MinuteHound TimeClock Clock’s in employees in under 2 seconds.
MinuteHound fingerprint clocking in technology is the most advanced in the industry.
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Fingerprint Clocking In. How Fingers have Changed Technology! and Fingerprint Clocking In.
The fingerprint clocking aspect of the MinuteHound TimeClock System is one part of a very robust system.

Why Fingerprint Clocking In by MinuteHound?

The fingerprint clocking in system by MinuteHound TimeClock. Is the most accurate in the industry.
The fingerprint clocking in system is the only cloud based time clock in the industry. MinuteHound is the future and the future is in the cloud.
Cloud computing has become a buzzword as of late. The MinuteHound TimeClock system is cloud based. It provides all of the benefits you expect from a cloud based system. Affordable, Robust, Efficient and Scalable.

Fingerprint Clocking In Puts an End to Time Theft

Time theft encompasses many different kinds of employee theft.
A common example is buddy punching. This is when one employee clocks in for another.
This is very easy with a time card or magnetic strip. One employee can just give his
time card or magnetic strip to a coworker. Then ask that coworker to clock him or her in.
This is a classic example of buddy punching. With a fingerprint clocking in system
by MinuteHound TimeClock this is impossible. An employee must be at work and place
there finger on the scanner to clock in and start getting paid!
Businesses in the U.S. lose between 5 and 10 percent on there payroll because of Time Theft.
Visit the Calculator page to calculate your savings.

Fingerprint Clocking In Finger
Fingerprint Clocking In is The Future of Time Clocks

How do Fingerprint Clocking In Systems’ Increase Efficiency

Fingerprint clocking in systems increase efficiency in many ways.
A MinuteHound Fingerprint Clocking in system takes much less time to clock in with.
All it takes is placing your finger on the scanner.
Another huge increase in efficiency comes from removing human error.
According to the American Payroll Association. Between 1 and 8 percent of total payroll
is human error.
Another great part of the MinuteHound Fingerprint Clocking In system. Is never having to buy more time cards / magnetic strips.

Fingerprint Clocking In… and The Future and Your Businesses

Everyone in businesses knows that innovation is the key to success.
We must all innovate in each of our industry to stick around.
The MinuteHound Fingerprint Clocking In System is a tool that will help your business.
To Learn More visit our Home Page.
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Feel Free to Call, Customer Support is Key at MinuteHound.

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