Fingerprint Clocking In

Fingerprint Clocking In

Fingerprint clocking in is referred to by people. when discussing a biometric time clock.
Also known as a fingerprint time clock. these systems save businesses money by eliminating time theft.
Buddy Punching. Unapproved Overtime. Schedule Exceptions. And Time Clock Manipulation.
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Why Fingerprint Clocking In?
Simply put, the reason to do it is because. fingerprint clocking in will increase bottom line profits.
Profits are increased by reducing expenses.
Specifically. Fingerprint clocking in reduces payroll expenses.
According to the American Payroll Association. the average American business loses 5-10%. of their payroll cost to time theft.
Imagine reducing your payroll cost by 10%!

How Fingerprint Clocking In?
The how is the easiest part.
Employees clock in. or clock out. simply by placing their finger on the fingerprint scanner.
With MinuteHound a clock in takes less than 5 seconds!
Managers can see their employees’. attendance in real time.
And with multiple permission levels. managers can be assigned to specific groups. of employees in a number of ways.
MinuteHound features a customizable red flag alerts system.
This advanced alerts system allows text messages. and emails. to be sent whenever an employee deviates from his/her schedule.
Employee hasn’t returned from lunch on time?
MinuteHound can send the. employee a text message alert.
Simultaneously, the manager can receive. a text message alerting. him that an employee is late returning from lunch.

Fingerprint Clocking In MinuteHound Scanner Cut
Image of the MinuteHound Scanner

Where Fingerprint Clocking In?
Fingerprint clocking in can be done almost anywhere.
The USB fingerprint scanner can be located. up to 54-feet away from the computer.
Mount the scanner. on a wall.
Place the scanner. on the entrance table.
Or place it. anywhere convenient.
The scanner is lightweight. It can easily be secured with Velcro.

Price of Fingerprint Clocking In?
While other scanners retail. for hundreds and even thousands of dollars.
MinuteHound costs only ______?
Find out at

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