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How Does A Biometric Time Clock Work?

How Does A Biometric Time Clock Work?

A Biometric Time Clock Has Profound Benefits Deciding which time and attendance system might seem tricky. With recent technological advancements, the days of punching in time cards is soon to end. A new way businesses are now tracking time is through using biometric technology. How does biometric technology affect time and attendance? Biometric time clocks. […]

Can Time Theft Among Friends At The W...

Can Time Theft Among Friends At The Workplace Be Stopped

STOP! Time Theft At Work Costs Everyone Time theft accounts for 2-8% of a businesses’ payroll on average. Time theft accounts for such a large portion of payroll, it is crucial that business owners take steps to eliminate it. One of the most common forms of time theft is when one employee falsely clocks in […]

Why A Time Clock Is The Most Importan...

Why A Time Clock Is The Most Important Investment A Business Owner Can Make

Spend Money On A Time Clock? That is exactly what you should do! Typically in every business labor and employee related costs are the highest of any budget. People don’t usually work for free. They want to be paid! That is why having a time clock is so important. Employees will buddy punch for each […]

Does My Business Need A Time and Atte...

Does My Business Need A Time and Attendance System?

How To Know If You Need a New Time and Attendance System 2018 is already half-way over! Time flies, which is why you need a time and attendance system. You have to pay employees anyways and report taxes, wages, etc. So why not use a system that accounts for every minute? Using this new technology, […]

Small Business Tools and Tips For A M...

Small Business Tools and Tips For A More Productive Workplace

Tips on Creating a More Productive Workplace Many companies these days seem to base themselves on high profit margins and productivity. However, one thing that seems to be missing in many workplaces is an emphasis on employee morale. From heavy-handed, overbearing supervisors to workers that care little for their jobs or what they do, there […]

Biometric Fingerprint Time and Attend...

Biometric Fingerprint Time and Attendance

Always Know Who Is Really At Work One would think that adults could manage themselves and their time at work honestly and ethically, but some people still have trouble with this. It is not a given to everyone that they should only report the hours that they are actually at work on their time clock. […]

Time and Attendance For Every Workpla...

Time and Attendance For Every Workplace

Making Late Excuses A Thing Of The Past Business owners have heard all of the excuses before from their employees. Those employees will whine and whine about how they are not able to make it to work on time for this reason or that. You do not have to put up with their excuses any […]

Is There A Way To Save on Employee Ti...

Is There A Way To Save on Employee Time and Attendance?

Preventing Time Theft Through Technology There is no way to stop the human nature that pushes some people to try to steal time from the employer that they happen to work for. There are simply some people out there who will spot an opportunity at some point during the work day and try to take […]

Are Biometrics The Best Time Clock Pr...

Are Biometrics The Best Time Clock Product On The Market?

The Best Biometric Time Clock On The Market Every business owner knows how important employee time really is. He or she can probably outline for you in real numbers what it costs them when employees are not respectful of their time clock product. They know that sometimes employees take advantage of an outdated time clock […]

Time and Attendance Made Easy for Bus...

Time and Attendance Made Easy for Business Owners

Time and Attendance Done Right and Easily Applied Business owners have issues impacting their revenue that they have to tend to on a regular basis. In addition to having to put fires out, companies have to manage other issues like maintaining morale among employees. Companies that are able to manage morale must pay attention to […]