Why use Time Clock Fingerprint Identification for Time and Attendance?

Why use Time Clock Fingerprint Identification for Time and Attendance?

Fingerprint identification has been used for over one hundred years. Now MinuteHound Time Clock uses fingerprint technology. Fingerprints are so unique that no two fingerprints have ever been found alike.
Many billions of human and automated computer comparisons have failed to make an exact match. Although several scientists such as Sir Francis Galton calculated that there is a one in sixty-four billion chance that two fingerprints will be identical. There have been no cases of two identical fingerprints as of yet.

Visible human characteristics can change but fingerprints do not. This is a big part of the reason why MinuteHound time clock is so accurate. Barring deformities damaging the formative layers of friction ridge skin. Such as injuries, scarring and diseases tend to exhibit telltale indicators of unnatural change. Finger and palm print features have never been shown to move about or change their unit relationship throughout the life of a person. This means that MinuteHound time clock is so reliable it will never confuse two people in your company.

MinuteHound, is the world’s best time clock. Utilizing patented technology you can eliminate buddy punching.
Buddy punching is the practice of one employee clocking another employee in or out.
This is eliminated with the MinuteHound time clock because there is no way to fool the fingerprint scanner.
Eliminate unapproved overtime. And be alerted instantly when there are schedule deviations.

Use MinuteHound time clock for time and attendance. Utilize our patented time clock fingerprint identification in your very own business! With MinuteHound time clock you can take advantage of unique fingerprints and eliminate buddy-punching. Minutehound uses intuitive fingerprint technology that can save you money and time. If you would like to learn more about Minutehound™ time clock software please visit us online at http://www.minutehound.com/

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