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The Influx of Companies Switching to ...

The Influx of Companies Switching to Biometrics Is for Good Reason

Biometrics Is Advanced Business Technology Biometrics have completely transformed most American businesses. From fingerprint identification to access control most business have found multiple ways to use this new technology. Biometrics are found in just about every iPhone and Android device in the country. Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Android Pay all use fingerprint and face […]

Why Every Retail Location Needs Minut...

Why Every Retail Location Needs MinuteHound’s Time Clock Lock

How The Time Clock Lock Benefits Retail Locations Each and every retail outlet has specific store hours. Employees must be present during these times to perform their desired job functions. The problem most managers have is employees either show up too early, not at all, or hand around late to pad their hours. MinuteHound solves […]

Small Business Owner Blog: Track Empl...

Small Business Owner Blog: Track Employees 24/7

End Employee Time Theft with Biometric Time Clocks Wherever there are bosses and workers, there will be a need to track employees. Personnel requires vacation and sick hours. Payroll needs hours worked to prepare paychecks. Computer time clocks transformed time reporting, but they allowed for human misuse. Anyone could clock someone else in or out […]

How to Properly Track Employees Time ...

How to Properly Track Employees Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance Made Easy by MinuteHound Every business, large or small, faces countless tasks that generate no revenue. One is time and attendance management. Tracking an employee’s clocked hours for correct and prompt payroll is drudgery. Each hour spent on this is a cost that eats into profit. This most hurts small business owners. […]

Save Money. Save Time. Business Techn...

Save Money. Save Time. Business Technology That Works

Save Time and Money Using A Proven Business Technology Solution Your employees are the most important resource that your business has. It is therefore important that you deploy this resource in the most effective manner. Time tracking helps in monitoring employee activity, adhering to legal standards, and running an efficient business. It can also help […]

Save The Earth and Save More Green! B...

Save The Earth and Save More Green! Biometrics is Pure Savings

The Future of Biometrics has Arrived with MinuteHound MinuteHound has introduced a new biometrics attendance clock in system that is designed to do it all! Since the start, businesses around the country have changed the way they deal with employee time records. The old fashion methods of clocking in are over, making room for today’s […]

Medical Technology: Fingerprint Time ...

Medical Technology: Fingerprint Time and Attendance Now Used in Hospitals

How Medical Technology Is Revolutionizing the Workplace The biometric fingerprint time clocks are taking medical technology to the next level. This technology has plenty of attractive features. Do you worry about ghost workers on your payroll? The constant need to be always alert to monitor the employees? Are you having trouble explaining why some employees […]

Best Time Clock For Small Business

Best Time Clock For Small Business

Small Business Can Save Money With Time Clock Large businesses have been able to afford any type of time clock that they prefer, but a small business has to keep a closer eye on its budget. MinuteHound’s patented time and attendance solution requires no time cards or inventory. That makes this unique biometric fingerprint technology […]

The Best Fingerprint Attendance Syste...

The Best Fingerprint Attendance System For Every Business

A Fingerprint Attendance System That Provides Better Accuracy and Ease of Use The real beauty of MinuteHound fingerprint attendance is that timekeeping and attendance is made simple so any computer can be used as a company’s time clock. For this to work smoothly, you only need an Internet connection on each computer. Businesses of all […]

Is There A Way To Stop Employees From...

Is There A Way To Stop Employees From Stealing Time?

Stop Stealing Time Across the nation there are employees stealing time from their employers. They are stealing time by punching in and out for other employees and stealing time by coming in late or leaving early. What may seem like a few minutes here and a few minutes there to an employee is not innocent… […]