Best Business Practices During COVID19

Best Time and Attendance Business Practices During COVID-19
If you are running a business, large or small, one of your biggest challenges is finding the best business practices for documenting your employees’ work hours. Traditional ways of recording an employee’s start and stop time include punching time cards, signing time sheets, using badges, and signing in/out with an ID and password. These methods have had their drawbacks in ordinary times. The onset of Covid19 has made it more crucial than ever to find more secure ways for workers to record their time on the job.

MinuteHound has harnessed cutting-edge technology to design a program that provides optimum protection from spreading Covid19 while cutting expenses for your business. The American Payroll Association reports annual business loses of approximately $148 billion due to inefficiency and lack of best business practices. With MinuteHound’s contact-less payroll program, waste can be virtually eliminated and employees protected from Covid19, making a win/win situation.

What is a Biometric Time Clock?

A Biometric Time Clock uses CloudFace Clocking. This method is absolutely contact-free and can be implemented quickly with equipment you probably already own. If you have a PC or an Android or Mac device with any kind of camera, you are ready to begin. The webcam on your device will do the job. Originally designed for military installations and large businesses, Biometric Time Clock procedures are used by medium-sized and small businesses as well.

Benefits of using a Biometric Time Clock

  • No contact with shared surfaces
  • Sanitary method that eliminates spreading germs
  • Accuracy is guaranteed
  • Saves money on payroll processing
  • Holds employee accounntable for accuracy
  • Effective time keeping for remote work

How do Biometric Time Clocks Work?

No more time clocks, time sheets, badges, usernames, or passwords are needed for time keeping. The unique bio-identifiers are finger prints and face scans. Buddy punching, payroll fraud, and cheating on time cards are a thing of the past. A finger print and face scan are unique to each individual.

No photo is taken of the finger print, so it cannot be copied and used by another person. Instead, the print is encoded into a binary sequence that can be shared only by authorized sources. It is impossible to create a picture of the finger print from the encoded set of numbers.

To do a face scan, an employee simply stands in front of the intended device to be photographed. With MinuteHound, everyone is a winner!

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