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Savings at Work: Time and Attendance ...

Savings at Work: Time and Attendance for Employees

The Essentials: Time and Attendance at Work Tracking time and attendance is always a frustration for managers, for payroll employees, and for the owners who have to manage their company. Why is it a frustration? If you don’t know already, there are numerous ways that some time-tracking systems fail. They can fail because of outdated […]

New Year Means New Ways To Save Money...

New Year Means New Ways To Save Money on Payroll!

How To Reduce Payroll Expenses in 2018 Business owners are always trying to find a way to bring in more and new revenue, but at the same time they should be looking in-house in order to save on payroll. Employees are the staple of every business, and each and every one of them need to […]

Is Time Theft A Big Problem for Small...

Is Time Theft A Big Problem for Small Business Owners?

Time Theft Can Be Stopped Many small businesses have a very relaxed, family-style atmosphere that promotes teamwork and cooperation. Employees get comfortable working in such an environment. In fact, sometimes they get too comfortable and become lax in their timeclock procedures. Management can also become very laid back about employee clock-in methodology. Often they may […]

Can Buddy Punching Be Prevented?

Can Buddy Punching Be Prevented?

Buddy Punching’s a Thing of the Past Have you ever heard of buddy punching? No, it’s not when your employees give each other playful taps on the shoulder. It’s when a co-worker friend punches another co-worker in for them. And it results in some pretty major problems. Loss of revenue in fraudulent paid wages, lack […]

Small Business Owners Agree Biometric...

Small Business Owners Agree Biometric Technology is The Key to Success

Biometric Technology Explained Each and every business has their own way of doing things. For every service offered, or product sold, small business owners put in place procedure for their process. Biometric technology is for in-house operations. No matter the industry or niche, every business has to pay employees for their time. This is where […]

Holiday Shopping Means Holiday Time T...

Holiday Shopping Means Holiday Time Tracking

Holiday Time Tracking Headaches Is time tracking at the top of your priority list this holiday season? You probably have other things you want to do this holiday season. Shopping for your own family, decorating your own home, enjoying holiday parties and festivities with your own group of friends. Right? But you have a business […]

Seasonal Employees Time and Attendanc...

Seasonal Employees Time and Attendance

How A Biometric Timekeeper Can Work For Seasonal Employees During the holiday time, many businesses need extra employees along with their regulars. That’s why many business owners and managers choose to hire seasonal workers. For those workers who do a good job, they might get to stay on with the company after the season is […]

Christmas Shopping Staffing Concerns ...

Christmas Shopping Staffing Concerns for Employers

Holiday Staffing Concerns for Employers The holiday season is fast approaching and with it a huge influx of shoppers. Most businesses do not have enough staff on hand to handle this type of volume. Additional employees must be hired to assist with the increased workload. You have many staffing concerns over these new and temporary […]

Seasonal Employees Time and Attendanc...

Seasonal Employees Time and Attendance: Christmas and New Year Years

Looking to Hire? The holiday season is well known for extra spending. From Black Friday through New Years, people seem to be alot more giving when spending money. That is why for most companies, this time is crucial to hire some extra staff and hopefully sell more product. The problem most overlook is how to […]

Time Tracking System for Employees in...

Time Tracking System for Employees in Denver Colorado

Time Tracking For Every Employee at Every Location Business owners all over the world are opting to save money on their operating costs with biometric time tracking systems. With Biometric time tracking, you will have real-time tracking for all your employees, wherever their job responsibilities take them. Companies who want the latest in time tracking […]