Facial Recognition Time and Attendance For Any Device

2 Reasons to Use Facial Recognition Technology for Time and Attendance

During these unprecedented times, businesses across every sector are now seeking innovative solutions for sustainability. One effective solution that many companies have turned to is shifting their office-based operations to home-based or remote-based. In this new landscape of working-from-home, businesses like yours may have also found difficulties in keeping track of your employee’s time and attendance, which may be costing your company money. Here are two reasons why you should start utilizing facial recognition technology and how it will benefit your company.


As you are aware, your business’s resources are quickly depleting, and the resources that you do have, however limited they are, must be utilized efficiently. One of the main reasons why you should start using this relatively new piece of technology is so that you can gain additional resources. As the saying goes, “every penny counts,” which in the business world equates to “every second counts.” Your employees will no longer have to memorize and type in their login information when clocking in and clocking out, saving time and saving money. This also allows your employees to immediately focus on work, increasing productivity.


In this post COVID world, one question always comes to mind. Has that object been sanitized or disinfected? Nearly everything that you come in contact with, whether at work or at home, will put you at risk of exposure. Another reason why you should start utilizing facial recognition technology is that it provides your employees and your company a zero-contact solution to clocking in and clocking out. This benefits your employees as it provides a way for them to remain safe while working remotely. Your company will also benefit from using this technology because it will reduce unscheduled absenteeism.

No Learning Curves, No Training, Just Savings

As your company continues to navigate these uncertain times, modernizing the antiquated ways of clocking in and clocking out just makes sense, both for financial reasons and practicality. Perhaps you have decided that using this type of technology will be advantageous and are now searching for the leading company that offers it. Contact the professionals at MinuteHound. They offer their state-of-the-art time and attendance technology and can be utilized immediately without the need to procure additional hardware. Their highly effective and efficient facial recognition technology does not require any learning curves or training, allowing your company to save time and save money. Visit them at https://www.minutehound.com today.

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