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Fingerprint Time and Attendance: Save...

Fingerprint Time and Attendance: Save Money. Crush Time Theft

How Does Time and Attendance Work? Employees show up to work, take breaks, and then leave for the day all with a touch of a finger. Fingerprint time and attendance from MinuteHound has been around for nearly a decade, with the technology getting better and better over time. The beauty behind it is that employees […]

A Fingerprint Time Clock That Solves ...

A Fingerprint Time Clock That Solves Buddy Punching

Why You and Your Business Needs a Fingerprint Time Clock Even though you might like the idea of your employees befriending one another and getting along in the workplace, there is one thing that you could be worried about when it comes to employees getting really chummy with one another: things like “buddy punching,” when […]

Best Way To Stop Payroll Fraud and Pa...

Best Way To Stop Payroll Fraud and Payroll Abuse?

Payroll Fraud No More Payroll Fraud is such a headache. It can cost a company thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Payroll abuse is stealing. Good news is though is that it’s incredibly easy to eliminate. There are countless ways that employees engage in payroll fraud, and it can be frustrating […]

Is Time Theft A Big Problem for Small...

Is Time Theft A Big Problem for Small Business Owners?

Time Theft Can Be Stopped Many small businesses have a very relaxed, family-style atmosphere that promotes teamwork and cooperation. Employees get comfortable working in such an environment. In fact, sometimes they get too comfortable and become lax in their timeclock procedures. Management can also become very laid back about employee clock-in methodology. Often they may […]

Can Buddy Punching Be Prevented?

Can Buddy Punching Be Prevented?

Buddy Punching’s a Thing of the Past Have you ever heard of buddy punching? No, it’s not when your employees give each other playful taps on the shoulder. It’s when a co-worker friend punches another co-worker in for them. And it results in some pretty major problems. Loss of revenue in fraudulent paid wages, lack […]

Why and How Employees Constantly Chea...

Why and How Employees Constantly Cheat on Their Time Cards

Time Cards Are Easy To Manipulate Time cards rely on the honor system. They only account for what an employee writes down, compared to the hours that are actually worked. All employees have to do is ask their friends to sign them in or sign them out. There is no way to verify the hours […]

How Can An Employer Stop Employees Fr...

How Can An Employer Stop Employees From Buddy Punching?

How Can An Employer Stop Employees From Buddy Punching? For companies suffering losses to buddy punching, seeing the benefits of fingerprint time clocks shouldn’t be hard. For starters, it reduces time spent adjusting errors. Most companies reported losses from time clock issues, notably buddy punching. Larger companies face huge annual losses as this lack of […]

Inexpensive Time and Attendance Optio...

Inexpensive Time and Attendance Options

Buddy Punching Begone through Biometrics One of the biggest drawbacks to the punching-in system is the potential for workers to sign in one another when one of them hasn’t actually arrived on time. MinuteHound has made a point to eliminate this troublesome time and attendance affair by using biometric fingerprint technology in MinuteHound. No More […]

Can Employees Be Held Accountable For...

Can Employees Be Held Accountable For Stealing Time?

How You Can Stop Employees From Stealing Time Employees have a habit of ensuring their paychecks are never short. Even if they take a longer break, don’t show up on time, or have to leave early they always manage to get a full paycheck. This is stealing time! It is very easy for them to […]

How Do I Stop Employees From Padding ...

How Do I Stop Employees From Padding Hours? End Time Theft

Preventing Employees From Taking Advantage Of Your Company Employees will sometimes do whatever it takes to fatten up their paychecks. They may even take some unethical steps to steal time away from the company. Doing this is known as time theft, and it is a very common practice. Time theft can even be defined as […]