Eliminating Buddy Punching: A Guide to Stop Employee Time Theft

How to Stop Employee Time Theft with MinuteHound’s Biometric Technology

What is Buddy Punching?

Buddy punching is a form of time theft where one employee clocks in or out for another, often because the latter has to leave early, arrive late, or take an unscheduled break. This can cost your business money and erode the trust between you and your employees.

Meet Jane, a victim of buddy punching. She has an appointment at 4:45 but is scheduled to work until 5:00. Rather than reschedule, her friend offers to clock her out for her.

The Impact of Buddy Punching on Your Business

Buddy punching is more common than you might think and can be a significant drain on your payroll. You have the right to expect honesty from your team and to eliminate this form of time theft.

A Solution to Stop Buddy Punching: MinuteHound

MinuteHound offers a cloud-based time and attendance solution that utilizes biometric technology to eliminate the temptation of buddy punching. Your employees simply place their finger on a scanner, and the system logs them in and out. The biometric data is encrypted and never stored, ensuring your employee’s information is safe.

Advantages of MinuteHound’s Biometric Technology

Easy to use and set up
128-bit encrypted data transfer
Plug and play software
No training required
Email or text notifications
No risk or obligation

The Benefits of Stopping Buddy Punching

Your employees may not realize that buddy punching is a form of time theft. By eliminating this practice, you not only save payroll dollars but also promote honesty and integrity within your team.

The Cost of MinuteHound’s Time Clock

Use our time clock calculator to see for yourself why MinuteHound is the top solution for stopping buddy punching. Compare our system against others and start saving money today!

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