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What is Clock in Clock Out Software?

MinuteHounds’ biometric time clock uses clock in clock out software to record accurate attendance of every employee. The clock, which uses a biometric fingerprint scanner, cannot be manipulated in any fashion. It helps to save time and money for businesses, and it helps to save employees time as well. The special biometric clock is easy to use and easy to set up.

MinuteHound’s clock in clock out software is designed for the everyday user. Nothing complicated about setup, installation or enrollment. After the software and employees are enrolled and registered, an employee uses their chosen or alternate fingerprint to clock in or clock out. A finger is pressed gently, but firmly, against the glass surface to read the employee’s fingerprint and either clock them in or clock out.

Clock In and Out Software Saves both Time and Money

MinuteHound’s clock in clock out software saves time. The clock takes seconds to use. The time clock recognizes an employee’s fingerprint expediently. The clock lets the employee know whether their time was recorded or not.

MinuteHound’s clock in clock out software saves money in various ways. The biometric time clock avoids the need to hire additional personnel to keep track of employee time and payroll. Current staff don’t have to take on additional tasks with MinuteHound’s time clock either. The clock is connected to a computer by a USB cable, which can extend as much as 54 feet. The software does not take up space and runs in the background of any PC. It does not need a dedicated computer and will not bother the employee.

Connect To Savings Using BiometricsMinuteHound’s clock in clock out software protects employee privacy. Employees cannot access other employees’ times. There is 5 different permission levels within MinuteHound. Employees have basic access to view their own times, but nothing else. Also, when using clock in and out software, the employer can prohibit and give access to whoever they wish.

Real Time Status and Real Savings

MinuteHound clock in clock out software can be used between several offices. Employers have the option to access employee time recordings from any place that has internet access. This means an employee can keep up with payroll and employee hours while on vacation, if necessary.

MinuteHound’s clock in clock out software helps to avoid “buddy punching”. In the past and with traditional methods of keeping employee time, employees were and are able to punch in other coworkers. However, MinuteHound’s use of clock in clock out software and biometric clock scans fingerprints. Fake—rubber—fingerprints cannot fool the patented biometric time clock’s technology, and employees cannot otherwise clock in or clock out other employees.

Clock in and out Software Adds Up!

MinuteHound’s clock in clock out software is an invaluable tool for businesses all over. It’s important that businesses utilize every resource available to save on costs and to increase efficiency. MinuteHound is used in every industry. From small stores to large corporations, the technology used by MinuteHound can be applied and used by all.

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