Airline Baby Ban and MinuteHound TimeClock

Time Clocks and Airline Baby Bans

An airline in Malaysia has banned babies in first class. The MinuteHound Time Clock bans
employee timeclock Theft in your work place. For more on timeclock theft and buddy punching please visit Time-clock-software-time-and-attendance-and-what-is-buddy-punching.
The CEO of Malaysia Airlines told the Australia Business Traveller that first class passengers were
complaining. The majority of complaints revolved around not being able to sleep in first class.
However their key complaint was mainly about babies crying on board the first class cabin.
We have all been in a flight with with a crying baby.
Every passenger first class or not can understand passengers who want peace and quiet.
Although some would argue being the parent of one of these children is perhaps the worst position to be in.

MinuteHound TimeClock is First Class

Here at MinuteHound TimeClock We strive to turn your entire business into a first class operation.
The MinuteHound TimeClock Bans employees from buddy punching.
TimeClock buddy punching is an affectionate term for the not so affectionate act of TimeClock Theft.
Buddy Punching is simple to understand, but difficult to control.
TimeClock Buddy Punching it is when one employee clocks in or out our for another employee.
Most Employees think this is not a big deal, and many times managers are even complicit in this act.
The MinuteHound Time Clock, Utilizes a biometrics fingerprint scanner. This puts an end to Time Clock Theft and buddy punching.
The TimeClock does offer the ability to correct incorrect timeclock clock-ins but only with special permissions.
The permissions are designated by the business owner or decision makers in the company.
Even with these permissions their is a clear distinction. With the manually entered hours and the ones from the biometric timeclock.

TimeClock Payroll Processing

Buddy Punching is not the only way that The MinuteHound TimeClock can save you money.
Another area where a great deal of money is saved is in Payroll Processing.
According to the American Payroll Association (APA) The Labor Savings are huge in this area.
The American Payroll Association reports (APA) that traditional assessments of TimeClock Sheets and TimeClock
time cards takes 5 minutes per sheet/card.
For More information on the MinuteHound TimeClock visit for some more great videos.

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