2012 NFL Combine speeds up with MinuteHound TimeClock

The 2012 NFL Draft is just a little over a month away.

Fans of the 31 teams who did not bring home the championship look forward to this day every year.
The NFL Combine is where coaches and fans alike get to see all the college recruits do their best to show off their skills.
MinuteHound Time Clock has skills on display all year, click here to see for yourself.
Prospects compete in many drills and exercises to show off their talents, however none are more important then the 40 yard Dash.

MinuteHound is off to the Races!

The 40 yard dash comes down to mere mili-seconds, and those seconds can have significant impact on where the prospect gets drafted.
MinuteHound has that same effect for all small, medium, and large businesses.
MinuteHound offers a timeclock solution that fits any organization, all based on cloud technology.
If you are competing for a place in the NFL, or a competing business owner, you need to do everything you can to set yourself apart from the competition.
In these difficult times MinuteHound Time Clock is here to help!

Exciting times for Players and Business Owners

The 2012 NFL Draft is a very exciting weekend, and to business owners saving money is also very exciting is it not!
MinuteHound TimeClock saves businesses an average of five percent on payroll. Check out MinuteHound for some great videos on how we can help.
No matter who your favorite team picks, you just want to win!
MinuteHound Time Clock is that pick! MinuteHound TimeClock pays for itself, and is more efficient as well as easier to use than many options on the market.
Pick MinuteHound Time Clock and win with us today!

Speed Kills! Get MinuteHound Time Clock Today!

Robert Griffin III ran a very impressive 4.38 and 4.41 at the combine this week. Simply put, in the NFL, Speed Kills!
Mr. Griffin is expected to be picked in the top 5 in April, and his numbers only back up his well documented skill set.
MinuteHound Time Clock has proven results with every client. MinuteHound has 24/7 Support and every customer that has chosen MinuteHound has been glad they did!
Don’t let seconds add up and kill your business. MinuteHound Time Clock is the future of Time and Attendance and gives the business owner instant access 24/7 to view their employees log in.
Every fan from all over the world can tune in to watch the NFL Combine and NFL Draft. Now, you as the business owner have that same power for your business!
The MinuteHound TimeClock Allows Owners and Designated Managers to be alerted if employees do not clock in on time!

TimeClock Software and Buddy Punching

According to the American Payroll Association, the average loss from “Buddy Punching” is from 2 to 5 percent of total payroll in companies with old timeclocks.
Would Robert Griffin III be drafted high if his buddy ran the 40 yard dash for him? How about Andrew Luck? Would it be OK for his buddy to compete in his stead?
Of Course Not! It is not ok for the NFL Draft, and it is certainly not ok at a place of work. MinuteHound TimeClock is more than a simple time card.
MinuteHound Time Clock uses advanced technology, which not only saves you money per month on payroll expenses, but also accurate time keeping for all employees.

Visit our Website for any additional questions.
Start saving today! Also good luck to all the fans and we hope your team has a great draft!

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  1. I really hope my skins trade with St.Louis for that number 2 pick! Interesting article, have not heard of a cloud based timeclock before. Go skins!

    1. Thank you so much Raymond for your comment. We all know Dan Snyder is not afraid to pull off a big move! All indicators are that he is eyeing that number 2 spot. It will be exciting to watch. Also exciting is how much money minutehound.com can save your business! Please visit us and see all that we can do for you!

  2. Wanted to read about the draft and found information on Minutehound. Very interesting blog. Glad i found this have to pass this on to the company I work for.

    1. Thank you R.B. Smith for your time and your comment. If you or your company has further questions please visit us at minutehound.com. The NFL Draft is not too much further now, whoever your team is I wish you the best! Thanks and please visit us again.

  3. your post is really informative for me. i liked it very much. keep sharing such important posts.

    1. Alzira,
      Thank you for your comment.
      James did a great job on this article.
      My favorite Part
      Is the Robert Griffin buddy punching Allegory.

  4. Wow, awesome article…keep posting!

    1. Well as your request Carina, we sure will keep posting! Please check out the latest blog post by bookmarking our site https://minutehound.com/, and visiting us everyday! We have fresh new content everyday. Also whoever your team is, we wish them the best of luck for the draft!

  5. This is really an awesome post. The story is cool, and I love the NFL!

    1. Hello Diana and we also love the NFL! The draft is right around the corner and we are all very excited about it. We have also just made some new improvements on our site http://www.minutehound.com so please be sure to visit and watch some videos. MinuteHound adds fresh new articles everyday, so please visit us again soon!

  6. Impressive knowledge! I have already been trying to find something like this for a long time now. Cheers!

    1. Hello Raymond and thank you so much! We are huge fans of the NFL and can’t wait until April! We are glad you enjoyed this post, and the most fascinating part is how much money MinuteHound can save you. We don’t just write this stuff, we mean every word! Please visit http://www.minutehound.com today and find out more!

  7. This content is extremely important to me! I love football but my friend owns her own business. I will pass this article on!

    1. Hello and thanks Daniela! Yes please let all of your friends know, that would be a great idea! They will thank you later, we promise! We also love the NFL but more than that, we love to save our clients money! Enjoy the draft in April and visit us again soon!

  8. Not fair! Everyone should boycott the NFL for they won’t let Sean Payton coach! It is an outrage everyone should ban together!

    1. Hello Clara and I think every Saints fan agrees with you! However Sean Payton himself does not deny the charges, and says that he made a mistake. By this time next year it will all be history. I am sure Sean Payton will be back and leading the Saints to another great season! Thanks for your comment and visit us again soon!

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  14. GO NEW ENGLAND! Love watching the draft and found this. Figured I would leave a quick comment!

  15. really nice article, very impressive. thanks for posting. MinuteHound is the Time Clock of the future.

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