Benefits of Biometric Time Clock Technology for Business

Benefits of Biometric Time Clock Technology for Business

Biometric time clock fingerprint identification technology has revolutionized the business security landscape at offices around the globe. Government officials. Financial institutions. Businesses in the private sector. And small business owners whose clients depend on them, have all benefited from the unparalleled levels of security provided by time clock technology. There are several business applications that utilize biometric time clock technology and the advantages they offer employers are extremely far-reaching! This article will focus on the benefits afforded a business that adopts a biometric time and attendance system.

Verify Employee Identity – A biometric time clock system verifies your employees’ identity by scanning a biological feature of theirs. This is as opposed to password verification. You will be able to be certain who is and who is not at the office at any given time. Biometric time clock identification technology is also the perfect solution to the egregious practice of buddy punching. Buddy punching costs employers around the country billions of dollars each year in payroll losses.

No Forgotten Passwords – Great Biometric time clocks such as MinuteHound do not require employees to enter a password. You will not have to worry about storing a set of passwords in a safe place. You also won’t have to worry about employees exchanging passwords with one another. Or employees forgetting their time clock passwords ever again.

Quick and Efficient – Efficiency is a cornerstone of most modern business environments. Automated biometric time clock identification technology promotes efficiency. In using biometric time clocks, businesses save time (and thus money) at every stage of the time and attendance process. From the elimination of time card errors. To the ease of checking real-time updates to the simplification of the payroll process. You will realize gains in speed and efficiency in numerous aspects of your business’s operations.

No Training Necessary – You may be thinking: These benefits all sound great, but do they come at a cost? Not when you choose MinuteHound! MinuteHound is an affordable timeclock solution that requires virtually no training for employees or employers.
Another MinuteHound time clock feature worth mentioning is the system’s ability to identify employees without actually storing images of their fingerprints. The system converts an employee’s fingerprint into a string of binary numbers. That is then detected each time that employee scans his or her finger. Visit us online to find out more about this revolutionary time clock software. Or call (800) 351-7237 today.

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