Time Clock System Advantages

The Advantages of Using a Biometric Time Clock System

Every year, American business owners pay their employees $148 billion more than they have actually earned.
This loss can be attributed to inefficiencies and abuses of workplace time clock systems.
In addition to saving employers money, using biometric time clock technology has several other advantages over using traditional time clock systems in the work place.

Promote Accountability with a time clock
If accountability in the workplace is important to you, then biometric time clock technology in your office is a must. With a biometric time clock, your system for clocking in and out will accurately and reliably ensure that your labor costs reflect the real number of hours worked by your employees.

Avoid Common Technical Problems Most Time Clocks Have or Cause
The MinuteHound Biometric time clock software is much more reliable than traditional time card systems, so you are far less likely to have to spend hours figuring out how to administer the payroll because of lost time cards, handwritten changes to the time and date on time cards, out of sync time or date, or employees accidentally clocking in or out on the wrong card. Additionally, workers will not be able to clock in for their buddies or make schedule exceptions if your office operates a real-time biometric time clock.

In addition to having other beneficial byproducts, these three advantages translate into less money out of your pocket. Because your labor costs will represent actual hours worked, your payroll expenditures will be lower and the atmosphere at your facility should be just as positive as before, if not more so. If you think you might be ready to make the switch to the time clock system of the future, then visit MinuteHound today to find out more about the MinuteHound Time Clock System!

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