MinuteHound Conqueres The Card Attendance System!

Get Rid Of Your Card Attendance System And All The Problems It Has!

One of the most serious problems any business has is money loss due to employees inaccurately reporting the amount of time they work. Showing up late or leaving early and getting paid is easy with traditional clocking systems and out of date technology. With MinuteHound’s card attendance system, the old time card punch way is obsolete, along with the serious flaws that plague it. MinuteHound fingerprint software eliminates time cards, paperwork, the staff and the hours spent tabulating those time cards, and the upkeep of storing time cards. It does not require special computer equipment or extra memory as it is cloud-based and so user-friendly training is not necessary.

A traditional card attendance system requires that employees either write down their start and end times on a card, or that they use a punch machine. This kind of system totally relies on the honesty of each employee, and times being what they are, losing even a half hour due to being stuck in traffic can make a huge difference in a paycheck. “Buddy Punching” is when a coworker knows a friend is running late and does a favor by punching that friend in. Why not? The time card machine can’t tell. If that employee needs the favor in return, it’s granted to the tune of $148 million a year lost to American businesses. If you have this kind of timekeeping system, part of that statistic is YOU!

Knock Out The Card Attendance System With A Fingertip!

MinuteHound Fingerprint ScannerInstall a MinuteHound fingerprint scanner at a key entry door, access point, or workstation. Your staff walks in and touches a fingertip to the pad. That’s it. No cheating, no losing cards, no figuring out what was written. MinuteHound uses your current payroll program, and identities are fully protected by never storing the fingerprint and using thorough encryption. This state-of-the-art system is 100% guaranteed for as long as you use it, giving you zero risk. There are no flaws for Buddy Punchers to take advantage of. It costs pennies a day and within a month usually pays for itself.

If your staff isn’t paid hourly, MinuteHound can also tell you what your salaried employees are up to. How long a lunch did they really take? When did they arrive and when they did they leave? You can get email and/or text alerts. Not only that, but you can access it from anywhere in the world via the web. Customer service is 24/7 by website, phone, or e-mail. The traditional time clock is obsolete. Upgrade your business to MinuteHound’s time card attendance system, you will be glad you did! Call MinuteHound and start realizing your savings potential right now.

MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Card Attendance System: Put Our Technology To Work For You!

We are confident in our business, be just as confident in yours.
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