The Many Possibilities of Clock In And Out Software

The Possibilities are Endless with Clock in and out Software!

It is now possible to use biometrics to record time and attendance with clock in and out software. This is made possible, through biometric fingerprint technology. A simple fingerprint impression is made through a fingerprint scanner from any computer. No extra equipment to buy! MinuteHound presents an easy to use time clock, using our clock in and out software. Put our technology to work in your business! Use our biometric fingerprint technology to record time with the least amount of error and save time and money!

MinuteHound Fingerprint TechnologyThis type of software is cloud based and secure with 128-bit encryption. Data loss and security is a thing of the past! Live reporting is available from any internet connection in the world! Being cloud based means you have access to your information 24/7. It is the year 2012, staying ahead of the competition means being up to speed with updates and technology.

Let us help you put the latest and greatest time and attendance software available to work right away!

Clock in and out Software Stops Time Theft!

Time theft and buddy punching are eliminated by biometrics and clock in and out software. Each time a worker punches in late or leaves early, an email alert or a text message or both can be sent to the employer! Not only to alert you and your managers, but to also have documentation of shift discrepancies. This works for the benefit of you, and your employees. MinuteHound clock in and out software promotes accurate pay for accurate work.

MinuteHound Clock In And Out SoftwareOne of the greatest advantages to using this software is that there is no longer a need to keep paper records of punching in and out. There also is not need to keep up inventory for a time card system. The cost is pennies a day for the use of clock in and out software. It takes no time to learn how to use this program and no employee will be challenged by any kind of learning curve or training to use it.

How to begin Using Clock in and out Software

All you need to do is plug in the scanner, install the software, and start saving money! If you ever need help along the way, give us a call! We provide 24/7 support available for anyone who needs it. One of the greatest features of MinuteHound clock in and out software is that it is risk free, with no contracts to sign!

MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Clock In And Out Software: Clocks in the Savings! Clocks out Fraud!

We are confident in our business, be just as confident in yours.
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